Hoodie Histrionics and the Failure of Black Leadership

The essence of African-American male leadership perfectly expressed by the sight of middle-aged Black men, New York state legislators, donning hooded sweatshirts in solidarity with a pathetic punk culture that personifies nothing more than personal failure and communal decline.  Perhaps these silly men will now utter forth in Eubonic pentameters to completely round out this thick-headed Theater of the Racially Absurd.

Times Union

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2 Responses to Hoodie Histrionics and the Failure of Black Leadership

  1. Gutsy says:

    We see a different picture emerging of both protagonists. George Zimmerman not all Caucasdian, and Traylon not the smiley face boy of the first pics. What the hell was he doing covering up in a hot FLA spring day with a hoodie when being stalked by a gun-toting guy anyway? However, Mr. Z looks like what the cops call a “buff”, with a gun. Sad all around.

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