Beating Your Wife a Bestseller in Toronto

A popular book on sale at a Toronto bookshop up in the sophisticated multicultural climes of Canada has some very patriarchal advice for the typical married Muslim pair.  A Gift for the Muslim Couple authored by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi offers some intriguing medieval gems of worldly wisdom for the husbands of recalcitrant wives.

Not surprisingly, the liberal leaders of this thriving metropolis seem not to give a hoot that a local bookstore is selling a violent volume that encourages men to beat their wives, which in Canada, as in every other civilized society, is actually a crime.  Apparently though, it’s only those sons of the Western world who raise the wrath of the progressive powers that be when they slap, push, pound, and physically harm their partner.  Muslim men, however, get that Third World free pass offered to ‘oppressed’ males everywhere, while their wives simply get a sucker punch to the jaw.

Some time-warped tidbits for the modern Muslim couple:

  • The rights of the husband include his wife’s inability to leave his house without his permission
  • The wife should fulfill her husband’s desires, not make herself untidy, and beautify herself for him.
  • The husband should treat his wife with kindness and love even if she tends to be slow and stupid.
  • The husband may beat his wife by hand or by stick, withhold money from her, and pull her by the ears.  But he should refrain from beating her excessively.  Toronto Sun

The bookstore owner, who wished to remain anonymous, has stated that A Gift for the Muslim Couple is currently sold out, but he wouldn’t say whether the store would be restocking its shelves once again with this Muslim bestseller.  Interesting that the news outlets carrying this story have failed to identify the name and location of the bookstore that is making money by pandering to the multicultural backwardness of the Muslim community.

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10 Responses to Beating Your Wife a Bestseller in Toronto

  1. says:

    Not a single protest or demo. about the book. No womans groups nada… Now a book about beating your dog….

  2. Paula says:

    In San Diego, a recent beating death of a Muslim woman is blamed on racism. Sorry, but the coverage I saw was more about the family covering up for the husband’s beating.

    (I love saying the above; I don’t know if it’s true, but seems likely and I’m sticking by it. Now, why blame our justice and system of justice when they have a continent to which they can go back home?)

    Now, back to Obamacare . . . I mean, speaking of Hussein and all . . .

  3. Glen A. Amos says:

    “Refrain from beating your wife excessively.” This must be from the moderate Muslim’s teachings?

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