Rosie O’Donnell: The Diva Takes a Dive

After only five months on the air, The Rosie Show has gone the same way as so many other rebooted and reworked network nightmares.  Hustled into production as a supposed show-stopper that would miraculously pull Oprah Winfrey’s tanking cable enterprise out of the financial red, The Rosie Show did indeed prove to be the slam dunk dud that brought to a screeching halt the latest on-air venture of the big-boned and big-mouthed multimillionaire, Rosie O’Donnell.

In its very short lifespan, The Rosie Show saw the departure of over 30 production crew members. And need we wonder why?  O’Donnell’s special talent for yelling at staff, publicly humiliating colleagues, and firing folks who didn’t jump high enough or fast enough to suit her, led one Rosie staffer to succinctly describe The Rosie Show as a hell hole.

And an interesting side note to O’Donnell’s sinking soap opera at the Oprah Winfrey Network is the market research conducted by the program.  This research showed that the viewers, even the very liberal ones, were getting sick and tired of the gay-themed agendas.

Market research had indicated that even the show’s gay-friendly audience was tiring of all the gay references and hearing O’Donnell talk about being a lesbian, but O’Donnell disregarded that critique. On a recent Friday night, she advertised on Twitter that she was doing a special where she talked about being gay in America. The show ended up being an interview with Randy Roberts Potts, the grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts, and it featured clips of Rosie talking to her staff about coming out. During another episode, she implied on TV that one of the younger staff members was gay, when he had never talked about his sexual orientation. The incident left him upset and embarrassed.   Daily Beast

How the haughty and hate-filled have fallen.  The viewing public has become bored with this angry 9/11 conspiracy freak of a female.  So the Gay Gorgon, with her load of Lefty drivel, has hiked her heiny back to New York.

The Rosie wave has crested and the Oprah era has run its course.

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12 Responses to Rosie O’Donnell: The Diva Takes a Dive

  1. Paula says:

    Love it! Being gay in America is a non-issue; being gay in American 50 years ago, yes. Ha ha, didn’t she and Trump have a years-long public hatred for one another?

    • Ah yes, that notorious feud. The Donald and the Gay Gorgon–perfect together.

      And another thing about O’Donnell that made a lot of people see her in a whole new light was her so-called coming out stint AFTER she had made her millions, AFTER her TV show had run its course. It’s one thing to stay closeted to protect ones livelihood, it’s another to do just that but then try to pass yourself off as some great gay hero for finally stepping out of the closet when you have absolutely nothing to lose and it’s all become so much more trendy. All O’Donnell was doing was jumping on the bandwagon. As much as I can’t stand Ellen Degeneris’ politics, I have a lot of respect for the courage it took for her to risk everything and initially lose it all.

  2. very opinionated says:

    Can’t stand Rosie!! She gives gays and lesbians a very bad reputation!

    • When a TV talk show host is reduced to swapping anti-Bush 9/11 conspiracy nonsense with the likes of Joe Rogan, they’ve pretty much hit rock bottom. And after her scream fest on The View, it’s kind of hard to then pretend to be a nice easy-going gal who just loves people.

      And yes, a poor representative for the lesbian community.

      • very opinionated says:

        Ya know.. i thought that Rosie was pretty funny back when she was still in the closet, ether she needs to go back in or she needs to shut up!

        • When she kept her temper under control, when she successfully hid the overbearing in-your-face rudeness from the viewing public, and when she stayed clear of divisive politics, people liked her and enjoyed her humor. But once she let the mask fall, once her bloated ego kidded her into thinking she was too big to fail, people saw the real Rosie–aggressively angry, backbiting, nasty to the underlings. Quite a shock to the public when they discovered they’d been sold a phony bill of goods.

      • Paula says:

        So true! All the/her long-forgotten skeletons are coming to the fore; how easy it is to forget her! Wait, she had a Rosie OWN show? 😉

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