The Self-Saboteurs of the Conservative Movement

The aggravating antics of the anti-activists within the Tea Party movement are nicely outlined in an article by Walter Hudson over at PJ Media.  If, like me, you have found yourself frustrated and fed-up by the outright political stupidity of the my guy or no guy approach of so many of our conservative brethren, then Mr. Hudson’s concise outline of this moronic mindset will provide a vigorous head-nodding Amen!

And check out the comments that accompany the article—you’ll see some prime examples of just what Hudson is talking about.

We will be destroyed, not by outside forces, but from within. We will be crippled, not by external attack, but by circular firing squad. Anti-activism takes many forms, all equally destructive. There is the supporter of a particular candidate who refuses to vote for or support another nominee. There is the couch-bound critic of outcomes who refuses to participate in the process which affects those outcomes. There is disproportionate emotional investment in the present cycle or a single issue which eclipses any long-term political strategy. Worst of all, there is rejection of the possible in favor of the unachievable, which becomes a perpetual excuse for doing nothing.

It’s easy to sit back and wag a finger at the process. It’s easy to fantasize about some future armed revolution or viable third party rather than dealing rationally with what is.

It is withdrawal from the process and conservative apathy which gave us President Obama. It is withdrawal from the process and “punishing the party” which enabled the election of Minnesota’s Senator Al Franken, the sixtieth vote which made Obamacare possible. Clearly, “punishing the party” doesn’t work. It’s time for our drama queens to take off their crowns and start dealing with political reality.  PJ Media

Walter Hudson is the Chair of the North Star Tea Party Patriots in Minnesota.

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