ShePAC Takes on the Bill Maher Misogyny Machine

Time to kick some tired old Bill Maher butt.  Time to wash out the Maher mouth with his own dirty woman-hating words.  Time to help conservative women help themselves.  Support She•PAC.

She•PAC’s mission is outlined below.  So after giving them the once over, how about breaking out the old battered checkbook or slapping down the go-for-broke credit card and begin putting a little bit of your money where your conservative principles are supposed to be.  Support this grassroots conservative women’s movement.

She·PAC is a political action committee with a two-fold purpose: (1.) To make contributions directly to the campaigns of principled conservative women running for federal office; and, (2.) To make expenditures on behalf of principled conservative women running for federal and statewide office.

If you’re like us, you’ve had enough of the liberal attack machine targeting conservative women with vile, demeaning attacks. Nothing threatens the left more than a woman who rejects their idea of “feminism” and embraces solidly conservative, pro-American values. Luckily, more and more of these kinds of women — principled leaders who are unapologetic in their views — are stepping up and running for office at all levels of government. 

She·PAC was created to get more of these women into office. Not only will we make contributions directly to their campaigns, we will take to the front lines with the resources necessary to counter the smear merchants of the left. We know that conservative women will fight for us, now we need to fight for them.

How We’ll Do It


We’ve all read about the vicious attacks unleashed on women who refuse to march in lock step with the left’s tired agenda and failed policies. In the case of conservative women, not only are they themselves mocked and demeaned, but their families are targeted with especially cruel treatment. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s time to push back and push back hard. She·PAC will deploy the resources necessary to defend conservative women and silence their attackers.


Limited government. Fiscal restraint. Strong national defense. Second Amendment rights. Individual responsibility. Free markets. These are the principles and ideals for which conservative women stand strong. Because they honor the traditions that make America great, She·PAC will honor conservative women by fighting for them.


The numbers are not pretty:

5.5% — the percentage of Congressional seats (House and Senate combined!) currently held by conservative women.

4 — the number of governorships currently held by conservative women.

0 — the number of conservative women appointed to serve on the failed Super Committee.

This needs to change and it needs to change now. Building on the successes of 2010, She·PAC will help elect the next generation of conservative women leaders. Our goal is to ensure that conservative women have their voices represented at all levels of government.  ShePac

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