Elizabeth Warren Hobnobs with Hollywood

The Democrats have a never-ending Conga line of cossetted upwardly mobile white women who seem to congenitally crave the hard-earned cash of the working classes.  Recently, we were treated to the poor meyou pay primer put forth by the poster girl for oppressed white chicks everywhere, Ms. Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Law School student and member of the Georgetown chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  This going places gal believes it is only right and true that the white women elite of Georgetown get all their extracurricular no-cost nooky compliments of a heavily indebted nation.

And speaking of upper-class social justice Jezebels, it appears that Elizabeth Warren, in her quest to sit her highly paid Harvard heiny onto a US Senate seat, has been hanging out with some old grey Hollywood has-beens.  The princess of the pseudo-oppressed is attempting to build a financial war chest to win the Massachusetts senatorial election.  But Scott Brown and the Republican party have been very successful at painting this academic aristocrat in all the right socialist colors.

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