Green Gestapo Hits Grandmother with Thread Fine

When a 71-year old grandmother inadvertently allowed a cotton thread, yes, I said a thread, to fall from her glove while walking along a street in the Welsh town of Brynmawr, this poor pensioner was immediately mugged by an ‘environmental’ officer who slapped her with a £75 littering fine.  The lady’s glove somehow snagged on her wristwatch, and unbeknownst to her, caused the offending thread to flutter down to Gaia’s sacred ground.  And of course, jolly well quick on the Big Government spot was the totalitarian toady of the Green Gestapo, ready and just waiting to pounce on this poor unsuspecting peasant. 

But fortunately alternative media has shone a lucid light on this little bit of petty lunacy.  And once the story of the threadbare boondoggle became public knowledge, it seems the progressive cretins serving on the local council decided that a simple mistake had been made and the situation was promptly remedied, sort of.  A spokesman for the council stated that although an offense had certainly been committed, it was not in line with priorities.  Hence, the fine against the financially struggling grandmother would be dropped but her crime against nature, as defined by her bureaucratic betters, would stand.

Ain’t it interesting, that the Occupy creeps can urinate and poop inside Britain’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral with governmental impunity, but a working class grandmother can’t shed a thread without getting accosted, fined, and bullied.

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2 Responses to Green Gestapo Hits Grandmother with Thread Fine

  1. meredithancret says:

    Cotton is a, pardon my French, goddamned natural fiber. It’s biodegradable, as shown by cotton being tilled back into the fields when it isn’t all picked.

    This is ridiculous.

    • An ‘environmental’ officer….well, if we want to know just where Obama and his progressive movement is taking our country, we need only look to what used to be ‘great’ Britain.

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