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Katy Perry Taking Flak Over Military Music Video

Some loons on the liberal Left are urging a boycott of Katy Perry after she released her latest music video for her new hit single, Part of Me, that offers up a very positive Marine Corps motif. Specifically geared toward women serving in the military, Perry’s video gives a pro-Marine Oohrah! shout-out to all her female fans. But that go-get-em grunt energy is not sitting well with a lot of those double-talking toadies on the Left. Continue reading

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Al Gore to Keith Olbermann: You’re Fired!

Keith Olbermann has gotten the Big Boot over at Current TV. After months of putting up with temper tantrums, sick-outs, and snide comments to the press, Al Gore and his executive minions decided to call it quits. Olbermann was served with his marching papers on Thursday. Continue reading

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The Individual MAN Date: The Real Agenda of Obamacare

As the Supreme Court gives Obamacare a thorough going over, I thought it only fair that I alert a very wary public to the not so secret agenda behind this healthcare Obamination. Be ever watchful, oh conservative citizens, for that insidious governmental edict know as the individual MANdate will be served up with a very special Sebelius twist. Continue reading

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Woman Disfigured by Acid Attack Commits Suicide

As pampered white middle-class faux feminists in this country invent and reinvent their myriad manufactured gripes and grievances against the patriarchal ‘evils’ of American culture, the terrifyingly unfeigned horrors confronting Third World women have found no place on the poor-me podium featuring the liberal ladies’ endless laments. It seems the white sisterhood these days is way too busy selling the likes of Sandra Fluke as the oppressed poseur for taxpayer-provided freelance fucking. Continue reading

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Prager University: Happiness 101

Gratitude is a discarded value in today’s give me more and give it to me now entitlement society. But as Dennis Prager points out in this five-minute classic classroom module, gratitude is the essential key to having all that happiness hoopla that so many hanker for. Continue reading

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Hoodie Histrionics and the Failure of Black Leadership

The essence of African-American male leadership perfectly expressed by the sight of middle-aged Black men, New York state legislators, donning hooded sweatshirts in solidarity with a pathetic punk culture that personifies nothing more than personal failure and communal decline. Perhaps these silly men will now utter forth in Eubonic pentameters to completely round out this thick-headed Theater of the Racially Absurd. Continue reading

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Lynch Mobs of the Left

As the social insanity continues in the Trayvon Martin case and as the Leftist media hysterically churns out a nasty narrative hell-bent on framing the altercation between an African-American youth and an Hispanic man in terms of an old black and white rerun from the Jim Crow days of the 1950s, there is an alternative intelligent voice of reason to be heard over at PJ Media. Continue reading

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Beating Your Wife a Bestseller in Toronto

A popular book on sale at a Toronto bookshop up in the sophisticated multicultural climes of Canada has some very patriarchal advice for the typical married Muslim pair. A Gift for the Muslim Couple authored by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi offers some intriguing medieval gems of worldly wisdom for the husbands of recalcitrant wives. Continue reading

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Dick Cheney: Giving the Left a Heart Attack

The liberal Left is having a stroke over Dick Cheney’s heart transplant. If you check out the usual pseudo progressive places online, you’ll find some very heart-warming sentiments all aimed at wishing the man a speedy recovery and a long long life. Yeah, sure. Continue reading

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Florida Shooting Highlights Hypocrisy of Race Hustling

This is the photograph of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot and killed the black 17-year old in Sanford, Florida. Despite the ethnic nuance of his German sounding surname, Mr. Zimmerman is obviously of strong Hispanic descent and a member of a very diverse and multiracial family. Continue reading

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Romney Wins Illinois

Results for the Illinois Republican primary show Mitt Romney winning handily. Based on these early results, Fox News is already declaring Romney the winner. Continue reading

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Rosie O’Donnell: The Diva Takes a Dive

After only five months on the air, The Rosie Show has gone the same way as so many other rebooted and reworked network nightmares. Hustled into production as a supposed show-stopper that would miraculously pull Oprah Winfrey’s tanking cable enterprise out of the financial red, The Rosie Show did indeed prove to be the slam dunk dud that brought to a screeching halt the latest on-air venture of the big-boned and big-mouthed multimillionaire, Rosie O’Donnell. Continue reading

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Obama and the Rutherford B. Hayes Hoax

The more Barack Obama speaks, the more insipidly stupid this arrogant ignoramus sounds. The 44th President of the United States is a mass-produced product of an affirmative action educational free pass propped-up by a grading on a cretin curve curriculum. Americans are heavily propagandized to see as brilliant this Harvard deconstructed flim-flam man simply because he is African-American and hence supposedly beyond critical reproach. Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So spend some of that hard-earned coin on a few rounds of elbow-bending imbibing with faithful friends both old and new. And raise a pint in proud salute to Éirinn’s tried and true. Sláinte! Continue reading

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The Self-Saboteurs of the Conservative Movement

The aggravating antics of the anti-activists within the Tea Party movement are nicely outlined in an article by Walter Hudson over at PJ Media. If, like me, you have found yourself frustrated and fed-up by the outright political stupidity of the my guy or no guy approach of so many of our conservative brethren, then Mr. Hudson’s concise outline of this moronic mindset will provide a vigorous head-nodding Amen! Continue reading

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Al Sharpton—Making Rush Limbaugh Sound Like a Saint

Ah, the very briny brain of the loud and lowly Al Sharpton. I thought it would be nice to take a little stroll down the back roads and byways of the public life of Al the Foul and get re-acquainted with this MSNBC cheapjack hack. So here’s a fast and furious mini-course conducted by the very man who thinks Rush Limbaugh should be hounded off the airwaves. Continue reading

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ShePAC Takes on the Bill Maher Misogyny Machine

Time to kick some tired old Bill Maher butt. Time to wash out the Maher mouth with his own dirty woman-hating words. Time to help conservative women help themselves. Support She•Pac. Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Time: Stop the Madness!

Despite the wet dream fantasies of the maniacal green machine, Daylight Savings Time DOES NOT save energy. In actuality, the science is showing that pushing the clock forward each Spring leads to MORE energy consumption especially as the warmer weather approaches and with it the increased demand for air conditioning. And the negative effects of this outdated time deviation on people’s physical and emotional well-being has been documented for years. Studies show that moving the clock forward messes with people’s sleep patterns, raises the risk of heart attacks, and causes more car accidents and work injuries. Since it now only covers one-third of the calendar year, Standard Time has become a national joke. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Hobnobs with Hollywood

The Democrats have a never-ending Conga line of cossetted upwardly mobile white women who seem to congenitally crave the hard-earned cash of the working classes. Recently, we were treated to the poor me-you pay primer put forth by the poster girl for oppressed white chicks everywhere, Ms. Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Law School student and member of the Georgetown chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. This going places gal believes it is only right and true that the white women elite of Georgetown get all their extracurricular no-cost nooky compliments of a heavily indebted nation. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Government-Funded F**king

A little fun at the expense of the Sandra Fluke fan club and all others who think that government-funded f**king is a fantastic idea. So as all the whining womyn join hands in solidarity singing She Ain’t Slutty, She’s My Sister, let us drown out these carping harpies with a little reality-based humor. Continue reading

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Green Gestapo Hits Grandmother with Thread Fine

When a 71-year old grandmother inadvertently allowed a cotton thread, yes, I said a thread, to fall from her glove while walking along a street in the Welsh town of Brynmawr, this poor pensioner was immediately mugged by an ‘environmental’ officer who slapped her with a £75 littering fine. The lady’s glove somehow snagged on her wristwatch, and unbeknownst to her, caused the offending thread to flutter down to Gaia’s sacred ground. Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart: Bulldog for the Cause

Tributes are pouring forth from all corners of the alternative media world today in acknowledgment of the contributions of Andrew Breitbart to the conservative cause and to the political art of investigative journalism. Continue reading

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