Romney Gets Tea Party Endorsements

With the Michigan primary fast approaching, Mitt Romney has picked up some nice conservative momentum by getting the official pat on the back from several Tea Party organizations from across the Wolverine State.  It’s reassuring to know that there are some grassroots groups of Tea Party folks who aren’t hell-bent on a self-destructive heresy hunt. 

Maribeth Schmidt, Co-Founder of Rattle With Us: “His positions on the national debt, Right to Work, domestic energy, and reducing the wages of government employees to match the private sector are why I am supporting him in Tuesday’s primary.”

Dennis Moore, Founder/Former Director of Willow Run Tea Party Caucus: “Mitt Romney will be a ‘Reaganesque’ president. I could not in good conscience watch as the Tea Party invokes a litmus test that Ronald Reagan himself would have failed.”

Leisa Audette And Patty McMurray, Red Heels On The Ground: “We need a president that will not divide us, but instead, unite us with our common belief in American exceptionalism.  We believe that Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has the ability to accomplish all of these things, because we feel that he sincerely believes in the greatness of America!”

Rose Drouillard, Brighton Tea Party Board Member: “After a day of careful consideration of Gov. Romney’s presentation, I am personally endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President because I believe he is the candidate that has the best chance to defeat President Obama.”

And the latest polls from Rasmussen show that the Santorum insanity among Republican voters has thankfully been a politically psychotic episode of short-term duration.  In Michigan, Mitt Romney leads Santorum by 40% to 34%.  And in Arizona, Romney is ahead by 42% to 29%.

Now that we seem to be coming out of our conservative cocoons to engage the real battleground challenges in the upcoming general election, let’s stop the backbiting and the bickering.  The political target is Barack Obama—an informative fact that too many big media blowhards in conservative circles seem to have forgotten in their quixotic quest for ideological idols.

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5 Responses to Romney Gets Tea Party Endorsements

  1. coolcat says:

    From here it feels more like shooting ourselves in the head.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    No one is going to be perfect. Those people complaining on Greta’s blog had better wise up. As a matter of fact, they are complaining so much they sound like smart-mouthed Liberals.

  3. coolcat says:

    Agreed 1000%!

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