Multiculturalism: The Big Lie

Let’s face it folks, without Western culture and the values that flow from it, we wouldn’t be here arguing about the multicultural claptrap that has become the bread and butter of white European liberals who just love to haughtily hate the very heritage that has allowed them to live such ultra comfortable and snugly safe lives.

Here is a little tidbit of societal sanity from Victor Davis Hanson, historian and political commentator, who takes on the Multicultural Meatheads.

Somehow in the 1980s, we redefined colonialism, slavery, and imperialism in our schools as exclusively European, rather than merely human pathologies.  As if the Arab world did not match or trump the European slave trade, as if the Ottomans had no empire before the Europeans in the Mediterranean, as if the Persians, Japanese, and Chinese had not sought to conquer, enslave, and exploit their weaker neighbors.

We seem to have forgotten that what is admirable in the US is not just the result of the vast American landscape, a natural selection of the more audacious and risk-taking immigrants, frontier life, and the resulting rugged individualism.  But because our Founders were nursed on the European Enlightenment, Christianity was imported from Europe and Anglo-Saxon law was built upon a new continent.

We live in a strange age of lies: to say the above is considered heresy but to live our daily lives on political or economic premises other than the above is synonymous with chaos and misery.  So we live two lives: the counterfeit one that we declaim loudly in a politically correct fashion and the real one we live by but do not dare articulate.  PJ Media

And I might add, that on this side of the globe in what is now North, Central, and South America, there were many ‘native’ American populations enthusiastically dominating, enslaving, and exterminating their neighbors long before Columbus set sail in 1492.  One doesn’t need to point to the mighty empires of history for examples of such pugnacious behavior.  Just look at the micro heritage of almost any people who have walked upon Gaia’s Happy Heaven on Earth and you will see the raw and seamy side of nature.  As with any other species, human survival is all about competition, whether it’s between individuals, clans, tribes, races, or nations.

Hanson describes this human drive to survive as a ‘pathology’.  Far from it—it’s an instinctive reflex that is hard-wired in all of us as it is in every other form of life on earth.  In these oh so sophisticated times when we think we have aspired to a much higher plane of human consciousness, we continue to exhibit our ‘pathology’ even if it is concealed under a passive/aggressive cloak of politically correct palaver.

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