Romney Rocks at CPAC

Ok, so maybe Romney didn’t exactly rock per se at CPAC, but he did win over the patriotic faithful at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference.  CPAC’s straw poll final figures have Romney at 38%, with Santorum at 31%, Gingrich at 15%, and Paul at 12%.  How intriguing that Ron Paul, who won the CPAC straw poll in 2010 and 2011, came in dead last this time out.  Paul may continue to have the adoring support of the juvenile populist fringe but the more grown-up conservative citizens correctly pinpoint Paul as just another kookie simpleton stomping over the American political landscape on very outsized feet of clay.

And as for Santorum….come on people, let’s get real here. Retro Rick has not the experience, nor the savvy, nor the maturity to sit in the Oval Office.  And as for his views on the pressing social issues of the day, especially those of a prurient persuasion….well, do we genuinely believe Americans will elect a 19th century throwback who pines for the times when condoms were illegal and sexual intercourse outside of marriage a criminal offense?  This is a man who strongly believes that government has the right and the authority to do just that.  And although many of us are exceedingly concerned with the outlandish hedonism plaguing modern culture today, do we really want to nominate a Republican who represents nothing more than Big Puritanism? From Obama’s condoms for all mandate to Santorum’s condoms for nobody mindset.  The brain boggles.

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