Romney Takes Nevada

After winning 47.6% of the vote in Nevada and with Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum straggling across the finish line well behind the frontrunner, I think it’s pretty clear who will turn out to be the Republican nominee for President. 

So put on your happy face, boys and girls.  For whether you’re mad about Mitt or despise what you see as the evil incarnation of the RINO anti-Conservative, it’s time to face the Romney reality.  Mitt is our man.

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2 Responses to Romney Takes Nevada

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    A pox on them all! I vote “none of the above”.

    Yes, I will vote against Obama come November. However, what little money and energy I can spare will go toward supporting fiscal conservatives running for Congress. The establishment, both with a D and an R behind their names, want to be rid of McClintock, West and the other precious few willing to stand up for the Constitution and the people of the United States.

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