Indiana Right-to-Work Signed into Law

It’s a good day for the Hoosier State and a bad day for the organized protection racket known as employee unions.  Governor Mitch Daniels signed his state’s Right-to-Work bill into law today which will now prohibit unions and companies from entering into contracts that require non-union workers to pay mandatory union dues.

As the Indiana State Senate passed the bill on Wednesday with a 28 – 22 margin, the union mugs on hand for the final count shouted See you at the Super Bowl!   The insinuation of course was that the union thugs would attempt to disrupt the Super Bowl game this Sunday.  A spokesperson for the AFL-CIO did declare that union members would be handing out leaflets at the stadium before the game.

Oh, I would love to see organized labor try to disrupt the Super Bowl.  Such an idiotic action on their part would hammer down the final nail in the union coffin.  Oh, bring it on!

Indiana becomes the 23rd state in the union to enact Right-to-Work legislation.

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1 Response to Indiana Right-to-Work Signed into Law

  1. meredithancret says:

    I live in a right to work state and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Hooray for Indiana!

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