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Romney Wins Michigan and Arizona

Fox News has predicted that Mitt Romney will win the Arizona primary tonight which will give him 29 delegates to take to the Republican convention. And Fox is now predicting that the Mitt Man will win his home state of Michigan as well. Continue reading

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Hate Crime Dilemma: Lesbians Beat Up Gay Man

Three lesbians in Boston, Massachusetts have been charged with a hate crime for allegedly beating up a gay man. The assault took place last Sunday at a Boston subway station when the gay gentleman supposedly bumped the three women with his backpack in the subway stairwell. The three-on-one altercation resulted in a broken nose for the gay guy. Continue reading

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Romney Gets Tea Party Endorsements

With the Michigan primary fast approaching, Mitt Romney has picked up some nice conservative momentum by getting the official pat on the back from several Tea Party organizations from across the Wolverine State. It’s reassuring to know that there are some grassroots groups of Tea Party folks who aren’t hell bent on a self-destructive heresy hunt. Continue reading

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Gingrich Smacks Down CNN’s John King

The highlight of the Arizona Republican debate was the Newt Gingrich media smack down. CNN’s John King thought he’d help along the Obama administration with their 2012 campaign strategy by strumming on that old birth control banjo. But Mr. King didn’t quite expect the feisty sing-a-long that he got from Mr. Gingrich. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter is Right: Romney is the Best Conservative Choice

As yet another Republican primary debate blows by the airwaves and as yet another round of anti-Romney rhetoric ushers forth from the usual cadre of bloggers and big-mouthed talk show hosts, us political peons out here in the hinterland can only take our heads in our hands in response to the self-destructive hubris of the conservative anti-Establishment. Continue reading

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Chris Christie to Warren Buffett: Shut Up and Write a Check Already

Governor Chris Christie at his tell-it-like-it-is best. As Piers Morgan of CNN attempts to push the 1% Democrat party line in Christie’s face, the Governor slaps away Morgan’s feeble political feint with a simple frontal attack. You’ve got to like his style. Continue reading

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British Men Sleep with their Teddy Bears

Try not to regurgitate at this recent revelation concerning the people now serving as the poster child for progressive paternalism….It appears that many British men and women are still very much bonded to their Teddy Bears. Yep, a recent survey sponsored by Travelodge, a major hotel chain, reveals that 35% of British adults still go to bed each night clinging to their childhood care bears. Continue reading

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British Firemen Refuse to Rescue Drowning Man

When 41-year old Simon Burgess had an epileptic seizure and fell into a shallow pond of water in Gosport, Hampshire, the rescue workers who arrived promptly on the scene stood by and did nothing. Even though they could see Mr. Burgess’s body floating less than 20-feet from the bank, these bureaucratic wimps watched passively while the lifeless form of Mr. Burgess drifted in front of them. Continue reading

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Democracy in America: A Tocqueville Tidbit

If you have never read Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic Of Democracy in America then you have missed out on the most incisive work ever written about our country and its character. Tocqueville accurately pinpointed the strengths and weaknesses of the great American experiment and accurately predicted many of the challenges that would inevitably face the new Republic. Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln: President’s Day

Forget the generic and soporific farce that is Presidents Day and take a moment to pay homage to a courageous American who rose from poverty and obscurity to become the 16th President of the United States. And who with over 360,000 Union soldiers, gave his life for his country. How shameful that our nation today sees fit to no longer recognize the birth of this great President. Continue reading

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Mama’s Boy Index: The EU’s Stay-at-Home Sons

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, the following chart gives us a stunning glimpse of the cultural correlations between a country’s extensive debt and the economic potency of its male population. Take a look at the debtor countries of the European Union and the percentage of their men who remain at home with Mommy. Continue reading

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Whitney Houston Fans Want a Piece of the Action

As the family of Whitney Houston came together in Newark, New Jersey, to mourn the loss of their loved one in a closed private viewing on Friday, some of Houston’s so-called fans voiced their ire at being left out of the star-studded event. Continue reading

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Scott Brown Bounds Ahead of Elizabeth Warren

Hooray! Scott Brown, Republican Senator from Massachusetts, is eight points ahead of the Democrat dilettante, Elizabeth Warren, in the latest poll released the other day by Suffolk University. Considered exceedingly vulnerable in the upcoming 2012 election, Brown and his campaign have been working hard to portray Warren as an insulated Ivy League Left-wing loon. And surprisingly, it looks like this strategy is working, despite the fact that Left-leaning loonyism is very much the political norm in the Democrat kingdom of the Kennedy’s. Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin: The Tim Tebow of Basketball

Meet Jeremy Shu-How Lin, professional basketball player for the New York Knicks, Harvard University graduate, and proudly OUT Christian. As the first Taiwanese-American to play in the NBA, Jeremy Lin is not shy about giving credit where he believes credit is due. Continue reading

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The Catholic Church and ObamaCare

There’s an old adage that goes something like, if you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get up with fleas. Well, the American Catholic Church has been enjoying a long lay about with that unconstitutional hound dog of healthcare chicanery known as ObamaCare, and now, much to their horrified surprise, the Church leaders are finding themselves infested with a very bad case of Big Government cooties. Continue reading

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Love in the 21st Century, French Style

Love, sex, and marriage. The eternal triangle with a little French twist. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism: The Big Lie

Let’s face it folks, without Western culture and the values that flow from it, we wouldn’t be here arguing about the multicultural claptrap that has become the bread and butter of white European liberals who just love to haughtily hate the very heritage that has allowed them to live such ultra comfortable and snugly safe lives. Continue reading

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Romney Rocks at CPAC

Ok, so maybe Romney didn’t exactly rock per se at CPAC, but he did win over the patriotic faithful at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC’s straw poll final figures have Romney at 38%, with Santorum at 31%, Gingrich at 15%, and Paul at 12%. Continue reading

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The Fighting Sioux of North Dakota Defy the NCAA

The University of North Dakota and the citizens of the Great Plains state are resuming their fight to retain the Fighting Sioux nickname for the university’s athletic teams. Defying the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) which had threatened the university with sanctions unless it discarded the Fighting Sioux name, logo, and mascot, the college and its supporters, which includes the Spirit Lake Sioux Indian tribe, are attempting to win the day through a state-wide referendum. Continue reading

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Romney Takes Nevada

After winning 47.6% of the vote in Nevada and with Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum straggling across the finish line well behind the frontrunner, I think it’s pretty clear who will turn out to be the Republican nominee for President. Continue reading

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Roseanne Barr: The New Face of the Green Party

Roseanne Barr has announced her candidacy for the Green Party’s nomination for President. Well, certainly the sight of Roseanne Barr is enough to turn anyone a bit Green so perhaps this is part of the enviroMentals strategy to boost the membership roles. Continue reading

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Susan G. Komen: Shilling for Big Abortion

Now that the breast cancer bosses at the Susan G. Komen Foundation have collapsed under the insidious pressure placed on them by the Big Abortion lobby of the oh so tolerant Left, I offer up some summarizing thoughts on this ugly liberal gang bang by Mark Steyn, political commentator extraordinaire. Continue reading

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John McNaughton: America Through the Eyes of the Artist

The Forgotten Man: Killing the Constitution Continue reading

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Trump to Back Romney?

After hearing all the hype about Donald Trump gearing up to endorse Newt Gingrich, it now appears that Trump is ready to throw his weight behind Mitt Romney. Continue reading

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Abortion and Gay Marriage Getting a Re-Do in Spain

With the fall of Spain’s socialist government back in 2011 and with an end to the 7-plus year reign of Jose Zapatero as the country’s prime minister, Spain is now in the midst of not only an economic restructuring but a cultural re-do as well. The new Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy of the Partido Party has promised to rescind many of the controversial changes enacted by the outgoing socialist government. And at the top of the list of Spain’s culture splitting issues are abortion, homosexuality, and educational indoctrination. Continue reading

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