Allen West: Still in the Running

Allen West, who just a few days ago looked like he would be redistricted out of his Congressional seat by the powers that be in the Republican party, has now announced that he’s running for the Congressional seat in the newly created 18th district in Florida. 

After much prayer, reflection and discussion with my close friends and family, I am announcing today my decision to seek reelection in Florida’s proposed 18th Congressional district.

Congressman Rooney is a statesman and has been an honorable public servant to the constituents of Florida’s 16th Congressional district. It is my goal to continue the success Congressman Rooney has had in Florida’s 16th Congressional district in the newly proposed 18th district. I welcome the challenges and excitement that lie ahead. As a 22-year United States Army veteran who commanded troops in combat, one should never underestimate my ability to be a strategic thinker. My voice for the restoration of constitutional principles for our Republic shall continue to resonate through Florida and on Capitol Hill.”   Right Scoop

Hooray!  And here is Congressman West inviting Obama, Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, and little Harry Reed to take a trip oversees and to take all their anti-American baggage along with them.

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2 Responses to Allen West: Still in the Running

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    I LOVE Allen West and would vote for him as president! I wish he were from Colorado!

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