Elizabeth Warren: The Asbestos Queen

Ever hear of Mesothelioma?  That’s a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.  It develops from transformed cells originating in the protective lining that covers many of the internal organs of the body and the most common development site is the outer lining of the lungs and the chest wall.  But it can also arise in the linings of the abdominal cavity, the sac that surrounds the heart, and the sac that surrounds the testis.

Most of the people who develop this form of cancer have worked in jobs where they were exposed to asbestos dust and fibers.  But it’s not just the workers themselves who are at risk; it’s also their spouses and their children—anyone living in close contact to the clothing and other paraphernalia that the worker might bring home that could be contaminated with asbestos fibers.

So what does this horrible asbestos-caused cancer have to do with Elizabeth Warren, Democrat contender for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, overpaid Harvard Law Schoolmarm, self-proclaimed champion of The People, and Mother-in-Waiting to the Occupy movement?  Well, this elite spokeswoman for the academic good life may pose as a loving caretaker for the muddled masses but in reality Madam Warren has no problem at all in allowing the stricken and the infirmed to sicken and die on the doorstep of the nation’s insurance industry.

Warren, who specializes in bankruptcy law, took a cool $44,000 from Travelers Insurance to help the company challenge an unfavorable ruling before the US Supreme Court.  Travelers served as the insurance carrier for a mining company that had multi-million dollar asbestos lawsuits lodged against it.  Ms. Warren, serving as the company’s consultant, argued that Travelers Insurance should be protected from future individual lawsuits and that the court should uphold a trust fund that had been created by the company to cover all asbestos victims.  In other words, Travelers wanted to cap their loses at a particular dollar amount and not have to worry about any future claims.  Warren was hired by Travelers because she helped to establish the bankruptcy strategy as a way for companies to avoid having to pay out lawsuits.   And of course, when it comes to getting a check for $44,000, well, lung cancer be damned!  To hell with those dying members of the 99%!   How very George Bush of her.

Here’s Queen Elizabeth’s altruistic explanation, through a spokesperson, of why she took on this consulting assignment:

Elizabeth served as a consultant and wanted to ensure that all victims got a fair shake and had an equal chance to get paid.  That is why she supported all insurance proceeds being put in a trust rather than fighting lawsuit-by-lawsuit until the money ran out.

Ah, yes, fair shake, equal chance.  The extent of Lizzie Warren’s benevolence brings tears to my eyes.   And we all know why insurance companies exist, we all know why they hire high-priced lawyers—to ensure a fair shake and an equal chance to give their money away to the masses. 

This dizzy broad thinks that the Massachusetts voters are a bunch of stupid chumps, and if she ends up getting elected to the United States Senate, then damn, she’s right—they are. 

Lung Cancer Lizzie, champion of The People.  This academic hypocrite just can’t admit that it’s all about the money.

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