Romney Shows Some True Grit

Mitt Romney flexes a little patriotic muscle and pops an annoying Occupy pimple by simply speaking truth to the congenitally stupid.  Tell it like it is, Mitt:  America is right and the Occupy Leftist goons are WRONG.

The way Romney whips around to confront this little snot shows that the Mitt Man has got more than a little political fire in his belly.

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11 Responses to Romney Shows Some True Grit

  1. crisap444 says:

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    I am learning to really, really, really, love Romney.

  2. meredithancret says:

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    Seeing videos like this makes me feel a lot better about my decision to support Romney. I had many reservations about him at first, I admit I still have a few, but when he says things like this…it makes me realize that he does love this country. These statements aren’t rhetoric to him, he believes that America is the best possible country and he will strive to keep it that way.
    That’s what we need in a leader.

    • I so agree with everyone you said. I loved his concession speech last night when he said he loves competition because it just makes us and him better. Oh, how I LOVE that. That’s conservative! I also really enjoy his voice ~ he reminds me of an old-time movie star. He has a very pleasing cadence. So much nicer than anyone currently running (Gingrich’s superior whiney tone is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me) and especially far more pleasing than the fake accents of the nitwit currently camping in our White House.

    • I so agree, Meredith. And he’s got to show more of this side of his character. Quite frankly, this was the first time I saw him step out of that well-mannered, well-groomed persona of his and take on an adversary head on.

  3. meredithancret says:

    Going to just reblog this on my blog if you don’t mind.
    It’s seeing things like this that slowly make me feel a little less down about voting for him my state’s primary. He’s got guts and that wasn’t rhetoric for him, I could see that he believed it. That’s important to me.

  4. Lori Heine says:

    The one good thing, for gays, about the possibility of Newt becoming president is that he would be limited in how much preaching he could do about our “lifestyle” and its supposed sinfulness.

    Not that he wouldn’t necessarily try, but it wouldn’t get him very far. Even some of the commentators on FOX have noted that this is not something he would be in any position to credibly do.

    If straight Republicans are permitted to have feet of clay, it means they’ll have to learn a little humility. For someone like Newt Gingrich, that won’t be easy. But in order for gay conservatives even to be able to reason with some of these people, they’re going to have to get over themselves.

    I see God’s hand in this. And I’m not being the least bit tongue-in-cheek when I say so.

  5. Thanks for the video. I like Mitt and am highly offended by Gingrich. I cannot emphasize my offense enough. So strange to me how the Republican party (so-called conservatives) has developed a bad case Romney Derangement Syndrome much like their Palin DS. Stranger yet is Palin’s support of Gingrich. Up is down and down is up.

    • I can’t stand Gingrich either. I think he has handled the debates quite well and I enjoy his slap-downs of the media–something long overdue for a Republican politician. But there is something smug, overtly egotistical, and almost slimy about him. I wouldn’t trust him in the White House handling domestic policy let alone foreign affairs.

      • Yes. Sometimes Gingrich can be mildly entertaining, but he just gives me the creeps overall. I know everyone is fed up with the media, but his bombastic lecturing is just too over the top and frankly, embarrassing. He reminds me of Julia Sugerbaker when he goes off like that. Oh, and I think he’s absolutely a slimeball.

  6. Lori Heine says:

    He needs to do much more of this. Americans are fed up with mealy-mouthers, which is why Newt is doing so well. He was able to totally deflect attention away from his own past by standing up to John King at that debate with guns blazing. That’s what people will take away from it, because that’s what they want to see.

    Romney has a “Ken doll” image. It may reflect the fact that he’s genuinely a nice guy. But he’s got to stand up and show more fire.

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