Pissing on the Enemy: Marines in Combat

Here it comes, all the bombastic brouhaha clamoring from the usual corners of our culture over a video clip of US Marines urinating on Taliban corpses.  And of course, the same old puffed up promises from the bloated military bureaucracy swearing that a full and vigorous investigation will be conducted into the whys and wherefores of this combative whodunit.  Yes, let the witch hunts begin.

And of course, the progressive Greek chorus of oh so selective outcries of supercilious shock and indignation are just another dramatic element of this oh so predictable and so very pretentious morality play.  The situational and exploitative outrage, correctly characterized by Dana Loesch over at Big Journalism in describing the liberal Left’s outpouring of staged on cue histrionics, is always on tap when there is an anti-American, anti-military agenda to monotonously manipulate.   How horrible that our country must give birth to such Marine Corps men capable of becoming skilled warriors and brutal adversaries on such a bleak and backward battlefield that is Afghanistan.  Oh, the horror of it all!

Why do we waste our words explaining and defending the physical and psychological realities facing men in combat to a bunch of progressive pissants tsk-tsking from their cozy and cosseted armchair environments?   Why do we cater to all those candy-assed sanctimonious sissies who would wet their pants at the very thought of putting on the uniform let alone facing down a vicious fanatical enemy in the field?

Let all those liberally progressive wimps pedal their way to the nearest Starbucks cafe. Let the little weaklings whisk their spandex-covered vegetarian physiques to the foaming soy milk decaf lattes awaiting them at the end of their environmentally friendly meander.  And if they dare to venture any snooty snotty opinion on the behavior of real American men in the throes of combat, let us respond clearly and succinctly in clipped vocabulary that any progressive prima donna can understand….

Pissss Offff!

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2 Responses to Pissing on the Enemy: Marines in Combat

  1. Lori Heine says:

    The macho-men of the Left exercise their machismo only in such brave displays as the way they attack female Republicans (like Sarah Palin) and their children.
    Those guys (I won’t call them men) who pushed the women and kids aside to stampede off of that cruise liner were probably Leftists. When it comes to “progressives,” chivalry is indeed dead.

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