Anti-Christian Bias: Gingrich Tells It Like It Is!

As second-rate sportscasters across the USA mock Tim Tebow for the public expression of his Christian faith and while the smug secular news media serve as fawning apologists for Muslim mayhem, there is one Republican candidate bringing them all to book for their blatant anti-Christian bias.

As much as I can barely stand Newt Gingrich, I’ve got to give the guy credit for brains, grit, and guts.  His comments in this video clip from the debates in New Hampshire over the weekend were so right on target.  And the studio audience obviously agreed.

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4 Responses to Anti-Christian Bias: Gingrich Tells It Like It Is!

  1. Semi says:

    Let’s be callous for the moment and disregard the kill/abort factor. Whatever we may do/want, I fail to understand the willingness to just own it. This is just another example of creative semantics for the sole purpose of justification. Apparently, Boxer carried, grew and sustained something within her body that was other than human. According to her, there was a sudden shift when she expelled it from her bodies vagina. Leaving aside that this begs a lot of other questions, it’s amazing that there seems to be a need for some to justify themselves in this way, as if there’s a chance anything less than human is conceived and that if some institutions agree, this proves her correct. All it proves is in certain conditions with certain support, she’d claim the world is flat.

    • Liberals deliberately obfuscate the abortion issue. And the outrageous callousness of Barbara Boxer doesn’t surprise me. The new law going into effect in Texas that requires the abortion clinics to do an ultrasound of the baby and show it to the mother will help to strip away some of that delusional BS and at the very least will allow women to make a more informed decision about what the hell they’re doing to their bodies and their babies.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    I’m with you concerning Newt; narcissism at its best, I think. He hits the nail on the head here. I mentioned another time, my sister is a Mormon. We were raised Methodist, so she converted 35 years ago. I am not a religious person, and I do believe in God, but what has brought me back to Conservatism is the abortion issue. What has been contributed to Ghandi and possibly others is this: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Animals? What about its unborn babies? Oh, I mean fetuses, which is what my far left lesbian friend calls unborn babies. Many lesbians want to be behind abortion rights to support women who have sex with men. Gay women are not going to become pregnant accidently, so pushing baby killing from lesbians is a peculiar thing to me. There is birth control, but still, there are over a million abortions a year in the United States. It’s shameful and a sin that women want to be the ones who want to be in charge of baby killing. It’s really unwomanly, I think. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had read the book “Unnatural Selection”, about the killing and aborting girl babies in China and India. It’s shocking. I just keep saying, “God is coming and is she mad.”

    I don’t support Rick Santorum, but the comments coming from Barbara Boxer in this exchange with him (below) were something else that was shocking.

    • It is frightening just how callous and removed from reality the Left can be. Barbara Boxer thinks that newborn babies don’t actually become ‘human’ until they leave the hospital with their mother. So according to Boxer, Mom could kill her offspring with impunity as long as she did so within the hospital walls. And the recent case in Canada, where a young woman gave birth to her baby, strangled it, and then tossed it into her neighbor’s trash can. The court ruled this crime as nothing more than a late abortion. Our brave new world of women’s rights.

      I used to be unequivocally pro-choice until I was shown an aborted ‘fetus’ at a hospital where I worked many years ago while in college. It was a little boy with his thumb in his mouth. And while the body of her baby was laid out in a utility room, the mother watched cartoons and ate popcorn in her hospital bed. I’ll never forget that.

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