Neshaminy Teachers’ Union Goes on Strike

The Neshaminy Teachers Union in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has called for a strike beginning Monday, January 9th.  This public sector union with its arrogant and recalcitrant leadership is notorious for its greedy get all mentality.  And although they are some of the highest paid teachers in the state, and don’t pay a dime for healthcare benefits, these educational elites have stubbornly refused to recognize the economic realities facing the school district and its overtaxed citizens.

The strike has many of the area’s parents upset and furious:

  • Irene Foster and her husband Jeffrey have two sons in the district, one in the sixth grade and the other in fourth.  “It’s greedy,” said Foster.  “They are being selfish. My husband is a contractor and we’ve always paid into our health insurance.”
  • “It’s an outrage,” said Frank Lewis. “After all this time, it’s ridiculous to go out on strike, and what are they going to get out of it? They’ll go out for two weeks or whatever it’s going to be and it’s not going to change anything. The taxpayers can’t afford what they want. You can’t get blood out of a stone.”
  • Middletown resident Trish Ireland has two children attending Carl Sandburg Middle School, a daughter in eighth grade and a son in seventh grade.  “It’s ridiculous. Everyone is hurting in these economic times. It’s life, and the teachers have to accept that.”
  • “It’s ridiculous them going out on strike in this time of economic distress,” added Gina Currington, who has a seventh-grader in the district.
  • Raymond Heitz had three children and five nephews come through the Neshaminy School District. “The taxpayers just can’t afford it in this time when so many people are losing jobs, or taking pay freezes or cuts, and homes are losing their value. The teachers have to come into the new reality.  The union has to grow up.”

The union’s fulsome president, Louise Boyd, who teaches high school Biology, continues to portray herself and the other spoiled over-paid teachers of Neshaminy as poverty-stricken victims of a stingy school board.  Ms. Boyd, who last year was arrested for driving while under the influence, makes a yearly salary of just under $100,00 and doesn’t have to pay for her medical coverage.   Poor, poor, pitiful Louise.  Is there no justice?!

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3 Responses to Neshaminy Teachers’ Union Goes on Strike

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  2. Rattlesnake says:

    I believe granting public unions the right to collective bargaining is one of the worst ideas anyone has ever had. The unions are far too powerful, the children don’t benefit from the teachers’ union’s power, and you only have to look at what happened in Wisconsin to see how they react when someone tries to take away any of their power.

    Collective bargaining for public unions is one of the most pernicious forces that exists.

    (By the way, I’ve commented here as “Naamloos” before.)

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