Keith Olbermann Soon to be Past Tense at Current TV

Remember Keith Olbermann?  That naughty and never nice prima donna who somehow got the notion that his talents were too much and too many to be wasted on the sporting trade?  Well, he’s now having his temper tantrums over at that wavering way station for jobless rejects known as Current TV.  And just like their MSNBC sister socialist network, the Current crowd are none too pleased at the egotistical episodes of Comrade Keith.

Yes, the stupid brat attacks continue, and mirroring the mindset of the head honchos at MSNBC, the executives at Current are ready to pull the plug on this over-rated ranter.

Keith Olbermann returned to the airwaves Wednesday night, but the rift between the bad boy anchor and his superiors at Current TV has not dissipated a day after he refused to lead the network’s coverage of the Iowa caucus.

Current executives have tired of Olbermann’s controlling nature and his evident aversion to sharing the spotlight with recently-hired hosts Cenk Uygur and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.

How long senior management will tolerate what they term “Keith being Keith” remains to be seen.

A standoff looms as the New Hampshire primary approaches next Tuesday, with Olbermann demanding to anchor the coverage on his terms.  TheWrap

And it seems that the electrical current at the inappropriately named Al Gore station is none too reliable—the poor beleaguered network is struggling with power outages.  Perhaps the blackouts are part of the Gore Green agenda.

TheWrap spoke to multiple individuals on both sides of the rift. They said that Olbermann is frustrated by the slow growth of the network and its shoddy facilities (the anchor has lit a candle on his desk to mock the network’s occasional blackouts).

Candles?  Yes!  Back to the Future!

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