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Allen West: Still in the Running

Allen West, who just a few days ago looked like he would be redistricted out of his Congressional seat by the powers that be in the Republican party, has now announced that he’s running for the Congressional seat in the newly created 18th district in Florida. Continue reading

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Romney Pulls Way Ahead in Florida

The last poll taken before the Florida primary shows Mitt Romney pulling way ahead of the competition. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: The Asbestos Queen

So what does this horrible asbestos-caused cancer have to do with Elizabeth Warren, Democrat contender for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, overpaid Harvard Law Schoolmarm, self-proclaimed champion of The People, and Mother-in-Waiting to the Occupy movement? Well, this elite spokeswoman for the academic good life may pose as a loving caretaker for the muddled masses but in reality Madam Warren has no problem at all in allowing the stricken and the infirmed to sicken and die on the doorstep of the nation’s insurance industry. Continue reading

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Honor Killing: It’s a Canadian Family Affair

A Canadian jury on Sunday found the Shafia family guilty of murdering their three teenage daughters and the father’s co-wife back in 2009. Mohammad Shafia and his second wife, Tooba, murdered their three teenage daughters, aged 19, 17, and 13-years old and Mohammad Shafia’s first wife, Rona Mohammed, 52 years old. Assisting them in this grisly family affair was their son, 21-year old, Hamed. Continue reading

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Ann and Mitt Romney: A Marriage Primer

Since there has been a lot of talk lately about the spouses of presidential candidates and since that chatter seems to have been mostly concerned with Mr. Newt’s three lady loves, I thought it would be nice to take a look at the marriage of Ann and Mitt Romney. Continue reading

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The Maddow Image: Rachel Who?

Oops! MSNBC’s alternative lifestyle lesbian is apparently not the household phenomenon that those in the know among the liberal Left seem to think she is. Last Thursday, the contestants on ABC’s game show, Jeopardy, had not a clue who this woman of so many words but nary an original thought might have been. After a prolonged silence from the three contestants when given their prompt, Alex Trebek, the show’s long-time host, enlightened the players and the audience with the correct answer. Continue reading

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Presidential Dirty Politics and Trash Ads

The Bullwinkle for President campaign is crying foul over this latest smear ad from the bad boys over at the Boris Badenov camp. Where the heck is Rocky when you need him?! Continue reading

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Sexual Orientation: Choice or No Choice?

To choose or not to choose, that is the queer question. For when it comes to the politics of sexual orientation within the LGBT communities, the concept of choice has long been the foreign invader for the gay group-think agenda. The terrible taboo of ever classifying anyone’s sexual identity as, god forbid!, an individual choice, appears to be exhibiting some cracks and crevices in that gay Ivory Tower of tow-the-party-line political correctness. And interestingly enough, the loudest voices of pro-choice dissension aren’t just coming from outside the gilded gay ghetto. Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Romney

So just what’s wrong with Mitt Romney’s campaign? Well, Mark Steyn, commentator, columnist, radio host, and author, has concisely and accurately hammered the political nail directly on the head. I don’t know who is providing the highly-paid campaign advice for Mr. Mitt, but there needs to be a Come to Jesus confrontation within his consultative ranks. Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Joe Paterno Funeral

Pastor Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church congregants plan to picket the funeral of Joe Paterno on Wednesday. Paterno, who died on Sunday from lung cancer, was fired from his head coach position at Penn State University in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal. Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich and Wife Number Two

Marianne Gingrich, ex-wife of Newt Gingrich, and the second spouse of the former Speaker in his current run of three, just had to get her mug on national TV to sing out her farewell song about the man who done her wrong. And while the motives of ABC in airing this piece of pathetic political soap opera are obvious, the personal agenda of Mrs. Marianne is a little less than clear. Of course, she wanted to wreak revenge for Gingrich’s unfaithfulness and hopefully spoil her ex-husband’s chances of winning the Republican nomination. But this lady’s sorry gotcha exposé really fell far short of anything devastating in this jaded day and age. Muddled Marianne came off like a bitter shrew in this interview, a sad loser still brooding over a man who dumped her long ago. A big yawn for ABC’s American audience. Continue reading

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Romney Shows Some True Grit

Mitt Romney flexes a little patriotic muscle and pops an annoying Occupy pimple by simply speaking truth to the congenitally stupid. Tell it like it is, Mitt: America is right and the Occupy Leftist goons are WRONG. Continue reading

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Time’s Up for Tebow

Oh Tim, we had such high hopes and aspirations and thought maybe, just maybe, the Broncos would end up in the Super Bowl. But we really can’t complain, for after all, you gave your team and all us football fans such a great season. We’re looking forward to the next go round, so keep the faith, buddy! Continue reading

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Pissing on the Enemy: Marines in Combat

Here it comes, all the bombastic brouhaha clamoring from the usual corners of our culture over a video clip of US Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. And of course, the same old puffed up promises from the bloated military bureaucracy swearing that a full and vigorous investigation will be conducted into the whys and wherefores of this combative whodunit. Yes, let the witch hunts begin. Continue reading

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Philadelphia Law: Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell on Criminal Convictions

Philadelphia’s Ban the Box law goes into effect tomorrow. And this Friday the 13th employment law freakathon is sure to be a big hit with small business owners who now have yet another good reason to pull up stakes and cross the city line into the safer and saner suburbs. Better known as the Fair Criminal Screening Standards Ordinance, this piece of petty larceny legislation prohibits employers from asking on their applications or in their first interviews whether applicants have criminal convictions. Continue reading

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Romney Wins New Hampshire

It may still be early in the presidential campaign season, but I think it’s time for us conservatives to get used to the obvious fact that Willard Mitt Romney will end up as the Republican nominee for President of the United States. In his speech in New Hampshire this evening, Romney indeed sounded very presidential. And he certainly talked the Tea Party talk. Continue reading

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Meet Mia Love: African American and Tea Party Conservative

Mia Love is running for Congress in Utah’s 4th District and she’s doing so as a Tea Party conservative. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Ms. Love is a Mormon convert and the first Black mayor of Saratoga Springs, UT. She’ll be facing a tough fight in the upcoming primaries, but win or lose, hers is the new fresh face of the American conservative movement. Continue reading

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Anti-Christian Bias: Gingrich Tells It Like It Is!

As second-rate sportscasters across the USA mock Tim Tebow for the public expression of his Christian faith and while the smug secular news media serve as fawning apologists for Muslim mayhem, there is one Republican candidate bringing them all to book for their blatant anti-Christian bias. Continue reading

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Neshaminy Teachers’ Union Goes on Strike

The Neshaminy Teachers Union in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has called for a strike beginning Monday, January 9th. This public sector union with its arrogant and recalcitrant leadership is notorious for its greedy get all mentality. Continue reading

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Broncos Win in Overtime!

The Broncos and the Steelers gave the fans a great game this afternoon. But Tim Tebow was in his groove and with the score tied at 23 – 23, Big Tim blasted out a pass in overtime for a 6-point win over Pittsburgh. And of course, the game finale, at least as far as the scoffing media and network talking heads were concerned, was the Tebow time-out for a quick prayer of gratitude and thanks. Gee guys, just pretend he’s a devout Muslim—I bet you wouldn’t be making fun of him then. Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann Soon to be Past Tense at Current TV

Remember Keith Olbermann? That naughty and never nice prima donna who somehow got the notion that his talents were too much and too many to be wasted on the sporting trade? Well, he’s now having his temper tantrums over at that wavering way station for jobless rejects known as Current TV. And just like their MSNBC sister socialist network, the Current crowd are none too pleased at the egotistical episodes of Comrade Keith. Continue reading

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Rick Santorum for President? Seriously?

With Rick Santorum sliding into second place only eight votes behind Mitt Romney in the Iowa Republican caucus, should we begin to take the Rickster’s presidential candidacy seriously? Continue reading

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A Push for Civil Unions in Colorado

The issue of civil unions for same-sex couples is still alive and well in the state of Colorado and it’s getting a push from some important Republicans. Continue reading

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EEOC and the Learning Disability Sham

Can’t read? Can’t write? Can’t find a job? Have no fear, the EEOC is here! And faster than you can say protected class, this governmental patron of the perpetually pathetic has decided that the lazy lunkheads of the American working world have now earned themselves inclusion under the cosseted catchall known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Continue reading

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An Occupy Wall Street Retrospective

As New York City cleans up Zuccotti Park yet again after a New Year’s clash with the spoiled whitewashed socialist trash know collectively as the Occupy Movement, let’s take a 2-minute cruise through some of the great heroic moments of this anti-intellectual frat party. Boy, these Bloomberg Babies are so articulate, ain’t they? Continue reading

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