Cheetah the Chimpanzee Dies

Cheetah the Chimpanzee, co-star of the early Tarzan movies from the 1930s, died on Saturday at the age of 80 from kidney failure.  Such a long life span is a phenomenal accomplishment for a chimp considering that most only live approximately 45 years in captivity. Cheetah, who could out perform and out act Johnny Weissmuller any jungle day of the year, lived on Mr. Weissmuller’s estate until the 1960s when he (Cheetah not Weissmuller) was relocated to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Florida.

Cheetah kept himself entertained all those years behind bars by watching football games on TV, finger painting, and listening to non-denominational Christian music.  He was also not shy about showing his feelings when upset.

When he didn’t like somebody or something that was going on, he would pick up some poop and throw it at them. He could get you at 30 feet with bars in between.   Tampa Bay Online

Cheetah is predeceased by Maureen O’Sullivan, Johnny Sheffield, and of course, Johnny Weissmuller.  May he rest in peace.

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