Bill Maher: A Cry for Help

When snarky white liberal men expend their life’s energies denigrating the religious spirit and doing so with that swaggering in with the in-crowd sense of superiority, you can bet your bottom dollar that these nasty ninnies are suffering from a basic fear of faith.  And such faith phobias push out an endless stream of insulting profanities almost always aimed at the religious creed of their disillusioned past. 

Maher, a suit-and-tie wearing hippie soon to be 56-years old, lives to libel Christianity.  You see, Mister Bill is a renegade Catholic, one who never got over the trauma of losing his confidence in the sign of the cross.  But scornful scoffer though he may be, Mister Bill still desperately clings, in his own horrifically hateful way, to the Christian church of his childhood.  The Tebow Twitter tweet the other day just shows us how much Maher’s mind yearns for the friendship of his heavenly Father through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.  Perhaps if he connected with Catholics Come Home this poor forsaken schnook might find a little righteous peace of mind.

But of course, if we can’t save poor Mister Bill with the sacred touch of an old-time religion, we can always fall back on our own ready supply of secular snark.

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7 Responses to Bill Maher: A Cry for Help

  1. Lori Heine says:

    As an orthodox Episcopalian, I find myself on the side of the conservatives within that communion on most issues OTHER THAN gay inclusion and women’s ordination. There is nothing “un-orthodox” about accepting other people as full participants in the Church. The whole notion that it is, somehow, un-orthodox is being furthered both by the Left and by the Right.

    One of the ways that I, as a conservative lesbian, feel called to contribute to the discussion is by reminding those in the Church who would otherwise forget that this is true.

    A very good friend of mine, an ordained Lutheran minister, keeps confusing “orthodox” (on doctrine) with conservative on gender issues. I try to make better sense of this for him, but he went to a seminary, so he thinks he knows everything. There’s far too much of that sort of attitude going around right now.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    I think the Catholic Church needs its renegades, but because it refuses to tolerate dissent, it can’t grow very much right now. Things that should have been apparent to it even before the last Apostle died, it still refuses to understand today.

    I’m just glad I’ve got the Episcopal Church. It’s probably as close as a Catholic can come, right now, to the Church of Rome without a clothespin on the nose.

    I guess what’s going on is that the Church wants more butts in the pews so it can get more bucks in the plate. That’s what’s up with all these “Come Home” websites, etc. But until it demonstrates it cares about something more than material support and legions of mindless bobbleheads who agree with everything it does, the people it really can’t afford to lose — because they have the guts to be honest with it — will remain gone.

    Too bad people like Bill Maher are such emotional ten-year-olds. Underneath all the bluster and B.S., there are probably lessons worth teaching and being learned.

    • I think the Catholic Church will attempt to capitalize on the cultural trend that is driving some folks toward a more traditional path of worship. It’s not going to make major changes anytime soon but will instead clean house and retrench. I think the Papal visitation here in the US that is ‘investigating’ many of the more liberal religious orders of nuns is a sign of that retrenching. It’s also interesting that some Anglican priests and parishioners in the UK are moving over to the Catholic church due to the debates around ritual, women priests, etc. within the Anglican faith.

      So people will leave, people will join. In the end, folks seeking some formal spiritual structure will choose the place where they feel the most at home.

  3. Sharon says:

    I’m Jewish. But that aside, I love how da ‘ho’ is way smarter than the snarky pig, Billy boy. Oh how I hate thee.

  4. Lori Heine says:

    I still have one foot in the Catholic Church, myself. And all these things seem to keep conspiring to beckon me back. I don’t know what the heck is going on here. I haven’t been to Mass anywhere but with Dignity for years.

    Maybe the Church needs its renegades. It certainly can’t grow very much without us.

    • I was also raised Catholic and could be considered a renegade. But although I may not feel connected to the church today nor espouse some of its belief systems, I can’t imagine carrying around the kind of contemptuous hate-filled feelings that Maher does.

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