Tebow Gets Toppled

Is Tebow mania at an end?  Can it be that Not So Tiny Tim is now down for the count?  Say it ain’t so, Denver.

The Broncos lost to the Patriots by a score of 41 – 23 today.  Sadly, there were no last-minute miracles in this particular game, although in my humble hardly-know-anything about football opinion, Mr. Tim played pretty well overall.  I guess we’ll see what the Broncos can do next week against the Buffalo Bills.  In the meantime, the Bronco fans are left with their unfaltering faith in Tebow and the team.  And I too am finding myself repeating that one liner from the movie, Miracle on 34th Street, when little Susie, disappointed but hopeful, proclaims:  I believe…it’s silly, but I believe.  Go, Broncos!

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1 Response to Tebow Gets Toppled

  1. Lori Heine says:

    I’m glad that the Broncos are having a great season. But I must say, it does occur to me to wonder what the heck it is that Tim Tebow’s praying for.

    If it’s that nobody will be seriously injured, and that everybody will do his best, that’s a genuinely godly prayer — the type God probably answers. If it’s that his team will win, it’s an insult to the Almighty.

    We can’t know which team God is rooting for. More likely “He” has better things to do with “His” time than affect the outcome of a football game.

    The anti-religious media that claim his praying is becoming a distraction are adding to the hoopla. I wonder if it’s even possible for them to stop and consider how silly they sound.

    When I was in public school, I prayed all the time. I didn’t make a big show out of it, but I knew God heard me, so I didn’t need to. I can’t help wondering how much of this whole controversy — both the Left’s behavior and that of the social Right — is a tempest in a pisspot. It never occurred to me, as a Christian schoolkid, that the fact that prayer had “been taken out of the public schools” had to affect me in the slightest.

    It affects the big show some people make of it. Real, genuine, heartfelt prayer, I suspect, it hasn’t made so much as a dent in.

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