GOProud Shake Up

After the fallout from the outing episode surrounding Rick Perry’s campaign strategist, the GOProud Board has decided it’s time for a change at the top.  Christopher Barron has been removed from GOProud’s Chairman position and will be replaced by Lisa De Pasquale, the former head of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  Barron will remain with the organization as a board member while Jimmy LaSalvia will continue in his role as Executive Director.

GOProud’s Board had issued a statement earlier in the week concerning the outing controversy.

On behalf of the GOProud Board and its members and supporters, we want to make it very clear that “outing” a gay or lesbian individual is wrong and should never be used as a political weapon.

Private lives should remain just that — private. The right to disclose one’s sexual orientation belongs solely to each individual. We will continue to oppose “outing” as it has never advanced a political cause but only hurts individuals and their families.

We strongly regret the events of this week.   Gay Patriot

Whatever excuse GOProud’s Board is using to explain the removal of Chris Barron, the change is a needed one.  The organization has to effectively confront the controversy of this regrettable episode and its subsequent PR nightmare by taking strong affirmative action. 

I was more than willing, at least initially, to believe that the outing was unintentional.  But the subsequent public statement issued by Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia defending their non-outing outing was indicative of immature and politically naive leadership.

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4 Responses to GOProud Shake Up

  1. Sharon says:

    This may be a very personal perspective, without much comment on the politics, but from a social perspective, CB is wholly inappropriate to head up a lesbian/gay organization, especially a conservative one, based solely on his demeanor around the Internet. My pet peeve is overt sexualization, which I claim embodies some of CBs behaviors. 2cents. 🙂

    • That’s interesting. I don’t really know much about either Barron or LaSalvia. I was really disappointed with them especially with their twitter comments in which one of them called the Perry guy a f**king faggot. If you’re a Chairman or Executive Director of an organization there is the expectation of a certain level of professionalism. And I think one’s personal conduct should also be held to a higher standard.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    This was probably for the best. GOProud is a potentially important organization for gay conservatives, and they can’t allow attacks on the campaign staffers of presidential candidates. It may have been warranted coming from somebody else, but not from the leadership of GOProud.

    I do feel very strongly that we can’t let it go the way of Log Cabin. If we have to keep walking away from the organizations that represent us because somebody in them made a mistake, then we’ll end up with nothing. Because surely, if we start another one, somebody will screw up there, too.

    We can be absolutely merciless with each other. We pick at one another like vultures on a corpse. Where is this marvelous, family-like “community” we’re all supposed to share?

    • Our ‘community’ has turned into fractured political action groups. We no longer perceive others with a different opinion or approach from our own as political opponents but as instant enemies that must be attacked and demonized.

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