Canada Kicks the Kyoto Habit

Good news for the sake of sanity and common sense and for our Canadian compatriots up north.  Peter Kent, Canada’s Environmental Minister, announced today that Canada is pulling out of the Kyoto Climate Change Accords.  And in so doing, the Canucks become the first country to walk out on the man-made global Green scheme.

The true believers in anthropomorphic climate change have been gathered in Durban, South Africa for yet another pseudo-scientific conference that purports to save the planet.  And as the ever-faithful crowd around their Ponzi priesthood yearning for the next pecuniary sacrifice to the Goddess of Green, the rest of us just shake our heads in heretically enlightened fashion.

I believe it was PT Barnum who best summed up the kind of silly psychology we see today with the Durban devotees, a nugget of knowledge that goes something like….there’s one born every minute.

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2 Responses to Canada Kicks the Kyoto Habit

  1. Lori Heine says:

    The Goddess of Green? I think I used to pour her on my salad…

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