Ronald McDonald Sticks It to San Francisco

The new food ordinance imposed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that make it ILLEGAL for restaurants to include a toy with a kid’s meal if that meal does not comply with the city’s strict nutritional guidelines went into effect on December 1st.  The law is an obvious frontal attack against the McDonald’s fast food chain and their ever popular Happy Meals.  But the Baron of Burgers has no intention of getting grilled by the nanny-fannies of Frisco.  Instead, Mickey D has come up with a foxy gambit to get around the Happy Meal ultimatum.

Kids in San Francisco can still get their toy but it will require Mom and Dad to make a 10 cent donation to the corporation’s charity, the Ronald McDonald House.  The toys are no longer offered separately but can only be obtained through the purchase of a Happy Meal and the 10 cent donation.  Marvelous!  In one very clever maneuver, McDonald’s will now sell even more Happy Meals in the Unicorn City by the Bay and get even more money for their worthy charity.  Let’s face it, America, when it comes down to a talent tussle between governmental fruit and corporate fries, the fries slide first to the finish line each and every time.  Maybe it’s all that grease.


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2 Responses to Ronald McDonald Sticks It to San Francisco

  1. meredithancret says:

    I’m glad to hear this. When I first heard about San Francisco’s new law (just the latest in a LONG line of idiocy from a city that seems to think it’s exempt from the checks and balances than govern the rest of our government) I nearly had a conniption fit. I ended up in an argument with my much further left leaning brother about whether they had to right to demand this sort of thing.

    The fact that they found a way around this makes me ridiculously happy.

    • I had to laugh when I heard of McDonald’s creative get-around. McDonald’s, like all companies directly selling to the public, responds to consumers’ tastes and wants while government, on the other hand, attempts to legislate those desires. Well done, McDonald’s!

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