Save the Planet, Freeze the Kids

The Fatherly Face of EcoFascism

The principal of the Ansford Academy in Great Britain decided to turn off the heat at his secondary school to help cut the academy’s carbon footprint.  Oh yes, the global warming, anthropogenic primitives are alive and well and very busy indoctrinating the upcoming generation with their cultish climate claptrap.  Unfortunately for the kids stuck in this Lefty loon’s care, the day picked by Principal Rob Benzie for his save the planet polemic came with a temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Head, Rob Benzie, switched off the radiators to show how the secondary school could cut its carbon footprint.  But some staff and parents slammed the “barbaric” plan.  One teacher called it “beyond stupid” and added: “It was absolutely ridiculous.  I’ve never worked in such cold. I’m all for saving the planet but this was barbaric.  Nobody could work properly and kids could not even grip a pen through their gloves.”  The mum of a 12-year-old at Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, Somerset, said: “She was shaking when she came home. I was absolutely furious.”  A dad added: “Turning the heating off in December is just mental.”   The Sun

Kids wearing coats, scarves, hats, and gloves inside their classrooms, all in the name of reducing a phantom carbon footprint.  Well, you know the expression, too stupid to live?  How about all the devout faithful followers of Guru Gore just simply commit mass suicide, thus scaring off that carbon bogey man conjured up by modern civilization?  And gee, wouldn’t their demise also help to lift the gaseous stink of mental manure fouling up what is supposed to be the clean breathing air of science?  Just a thought.

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