Gay Goon Squad Goes After Salvation Army

Ah, the holiday season is upon us.  A time of gift-giving, a time of sharing, a time of good will toward our fellow men and women.  Yes, by gosh, by golly, it’s time to break out the mistletoe and holly.  And according to the gay goon squad, it’s also time to intimidate, bully, and bring down yet another evil empire of community service.  The LGBT self-appointed Talking Heads have dredged up yet another soft target for termination.  And this time out, they’ve marked a bull’s-eye on the back of the Salvation Army.  Yes, the Salvation Army, a charitable organization that houses the homeless, cares for the elderly, counsels our veterans, provides recreational fun for our kids, and extends a helping hand to those living with HIV/AIDS.

But what can such good deeds, however desperately needed by our inner city communities, really matter when there is a hate-filled homosexual agenda to be rammed up America’s bleeding cultural butt.  Andy Thayer, the co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network (oh please!) offered this rationale for the Gay Grinch attack against an organization that has done more good for America than this political punk could ever imagine.

We are urging a boycott of the Salvation Army because it uses its selective interpretation of the Bible to promote discrimination against LGBT people in employment benefits and leadership positions within the Army.  California Catholic Daily

I know nothing about this asinine gay liberation network but I betcha they don’t have too many straight folks in any leadership positions in their silly little gay fiefdom.  The Salvation Army is a Christian religious organization that has every right to ensure the integrity of their mission as they see fit.  They have offered more support and more compassion to hurting people, including gays and lesbians, than all of the jumped-up, self-aggrandizing gay gits who claim to represent our community.

Say NO to this hate-filled homo agenda.  Put a buck in every Salvation Army bucket and a boot up the backside of the Gay Goon Squad.

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7 Responses to Gay Goon Squad Goes After Salvation Army

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  2. Lori Heine says:

    I disagree with the Salvation Army’s views on gays. But I can’t say I don’t understand where they got them. Or why — with people like these boycotting loonies around — some in the SA are unlikely to change those views anytime soon.

    Those on the gay, Lord of the Flies Left don’t care how they look, or how they sound. And their whiny, liberal-crapola opinions make them look and sound like petulant, foolish little children. These idiots embarrass the hell out of me, and I’m tired of being associated with them or mistaken for them.

    Really, the fact is that some people in the SA crowd’s views ARE changing. Slowly and quietly, perhaps, but surely. To the degree that decency and genuine Christianity prevails, of course they will. But given the craziness they so often see from the gay Left that claims to speak for all of us, it’s nothing short of a miracle that it’s changing at all — however slowly.

    • They make jackasses of themselves. Just like in Philly where Gay, inc. tried to run the boy scouts out of town–even the very liberal mayor had enough of their lynch mob mentality. These tactics will backfire–they’re nasty and hateful.

  3. meredithancret says:

    I don’t have much in the way of disposable income (student loans and all that are conspiring against me), but I’ll be donating to at least one charity this year (Operation Shoebox most likely) and dropping the occasional bit in Salvation Army buckets as always. I can’t imagine what the GLN thinks this will accomplish.

    When gay liberals boycott certain stores, I could care less, but boycotting a charity that does what it does to help people (even if they do have a backwards view of homosexuality) that’s just sick.

    • This year, I’ll be much more generous when it comes to the Salvation Army. And I think I’ll be writing a letter of support to their headquarters. A handful of gay liberal activist groups do not represent all lesbians/gays and it’s time the world knew just how diverse our community is.

  4. Perry Palmer says:

    I WILL be donating to every Salvation Army kettle I pass. I used to lay low so no one would guess I was gay, now I lay low so no one with think I’m a Liberal. 😀

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