TSA at its Best: Strip Searching the Elderly

Just following protocol, Ma’am—no matter how asinine, no matter how time-wasting, no matter how degrading.  So if a defibrillator keeps us servile TSA sad sacks from irradiating your bones with our image scanner, then baby, it’s buck naked time for Grandmom.

And the robotic response from the computerized voice of the TSA when queried about this humiliating incident was repeated in rote fashion by one of Napolitano’s ninnies:

Proper procedures were followed.  Our screening procedures are conducted in a manner designed to treat all passengers with dignity, respect and courtesy.   NY Daily News

And once again, the TSA has saved us from the terroristic threat of the white-haired, hunched-back octogenarians.  Sleep well tonight, America.

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2 Responses to TSA at its Best: Strip Searching the Elderly

  1. Linda says:

    Disgusting! Well said!

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