And the Broncos Win!

Broncos win another close one!

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4 Responses to And the Broncos Win!

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Jason Gay from the Wall Street Journal wrote a great satire on Tim Tebow.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    A majority of us here in the Denver area are so glad that Tim Tebow is a Bronco. We love his religious candor and goodness. He’s so happy, treats everyone fairly and gives credit to his teammates, who love him. His paraphrase from Proverbs, ‘steel sharpens steel, men sharpen men’ let his teammates and the rest of us know there is no “I” in football as far as Tim Tebow is concerned.

    • How refreshing that a pro football player would thank his God for a great play as opposed to so many of the other jocks on the field who do everything but whip out their penises and wave them at each other any time they do something right.

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