US Military Bans the Bible at Walter Reed

CW Callahan

Anti-Christian multiculturalism is running amuck within the US military.  In a memo dated September 14, 2011, the Commander of the newly consolidated Walter Reed National Military Medical Center effectively banned the bible and all other religious items from the facility during patient visits.  This inane act of bureaucratic anti-religious bigotry was brought to public attention by Congressman Steve King from Iowa who lambasted the Navy from the House floor on Thursday.  Remember, we’re talking about the sick and the wounded here, men and women who need the emotional support of their family, friends, and faith.

“No religious items (i.e. bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.”

Note that the religious ban only seems to allude to the Christian faith.  I’m sure that if the Koran had been mentioned in this memo, its author, Chief of Staff Callahan, would be spending the rest of his naval career cleaning out toilets.

Within one day of Congressman King’s denunciation, the US military rescinded the religious ban at Walter Reed.  Claiming there was simply a misunderstanding, a public relations spokeswoman for the Medical Center stated:

The instructions about the Bibles and reading material have been rescinded.  It will be rewritten to articulate our initial intention which was to respect religious and cultural practices of our patients.  Fox News

If they’re talking about proselytizing practices, then why not just say so?  Why the sly focus on Christianity and Christian symbols and paraphernalia?  Seems to me that this ban was all about the military performing their multicultural due diligence by denigrating the Christian faith.  And what better way to show that they’re onboard with progressivism than by rabbit-punching Jesus.  After all, we all know it’s open season on the tenets of the New Testament.  Well, if the military is so concerned about respect for religious and cultural practices, then it should start by calling for a cease-fire on Christianity.

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10 Responses to US Military Bans the Bible at Walter Reed

  1. Lori Heine says:

    I agree that the gay Left has helped cause the misconceptions many straight conservatives have about us — but I no longer believe that excuses them.

    Most African-Americans are liberal. But if somebody were to say that ALL blacks expect handouts from the government, or that they succeed simply because of affirmative action, even very conservative whites would now readily recognize that as racist and very unjust. You and I, and other gay conservatives, deserve the same consideration.

    Anyone who comes to your blog to comment knows better than to judge ALL gays on the basis of what gay leftists do. DADT (passed, in the first place, by a liberal Democrat) never should have been enacted to begin with. Just because the gay Left wanted to get rid of it doesn’t mean it was a good thing. If we don’t like the larger agenda of the Left, we certainly ought to be able to stand up against it without allowing people to beat the hell out of us because of things we don’t believe.

    Guilt-by-association is lazy and ignorant. When it is used to denigrate the men and women who bravely serve our country in the military, it is also unpatriotic. Conservatives supposedly believe in the individual — that individual people are responsible for the choices they make. It is the Left that sees us as nothing more than members of some collectivist hive.

    I know you know this. I know it, too. Your blog is rapidly becoming a good place for people to go to learn more about the truth that gays can be good conservatives, good Christians and good Americans. I just don’t think it hurts to remind some of your other commenters of that.

    • Yep, we’re all individuals and we all don’t think with the hive mentality. And hopefully, those conservatives with a stereotypic view of gays/lesbians will eventually move beyond such a mentality. With regard to DADT, we’ll see where the repeal takes the military in the long run and just how far the pendulum will swing along that political/cultural spectrum.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    I guess I’m not clear on how no longer forcing good Americans who are gay — and willing to put their lives on the line to serve their country in the military — to lie about who they are is trying to “wipe out religion.” I know a few of these people, and they’re Christians, themselves.

    Opinion is divided over how to interpret the Bible on same-sex love. The last I checked, there was no such division about lying.

    • So many conservative Christians continue to conflate ‘gay’ with ‘immoral’ and see the repeal of DADT as nothing more than the next step down the road of depravity. I agree with you–every service man and woman has a basic right to live their lives out in the open and out of the closet, no matter what their sexual orientation.

      But many conservatives see the politicizing of homosexuality as a threat to their right to their own views and religious beliefs, and in that regard, I think they are right. With all the gay boycotts, the hounding of the Boy Scouts, the harassment of anyone not supportive of gay marriage, the expulsion of counselors in training from college programs because they’re uncomfortable working with gay clients, makes it pretty clear where Gay Inc.’s agenda is headed.

      I think that’s why there has been so much suspicion surrounding the repeal of DADT and why so many conservatives fought it tooth and nail…and why they see it as just the first goal of a much larger agenda.

  3. very oppinionated says:

    I was afraid that this was going to happen when the repeal of DADT! Can’t stand those radicals in our millitary that want to wipe out religion!! Makes me sick:(

  4. Lori Heine says:

    I am concerned about the way so many of my gay Christian friends seem to approve of secular anti-Christian hostility. It’s as if their default position toward other adherents of their own faith (if these adherents are straight, and especially if they’re doctrinally orthodox) is that they must be enemies. We need to understand that anti-Christian persecution is persecution against GAY Christians, too.

    Then these same people scratch their heads and puzzle over why so many straight, doctrinally-conservative Christians are skeptical of their claim to be Christians…

    • Many gay Christians seem to identify first and foremost with their sexual orientation and they seek a brand of Christianity that embraces that. Certainly understandable. And any Christian that doesn’t accept gay/lesbian sexual identity as a viable way of life is seen as the enemy to be stamped out from public view. Evangelicals are certainly seen as ‘the enemy’. Yet many of these same gay folks buy into an overall Leftwing agenda and are oblivious to the potential threat of radical Islam. If they don’t think they will be eventually sacrificed on the liberal altar of multiculturalism, they’re very much mistaken.

  5. Glen A. Amos says:

    A “Cease-fire on Christianity” is not going to happen under the current Commander and Chief.

    • Agreed, a change of party in the oval office is a first step. But I’m not counting on it. The multicultural agenda in the military made great gains during Bush’s years in the White House. Even if we get a Republican in the oval office, I’m not betting on any real change in the military’s approach. We had mass murder by a Muslim major at Fort Hood and that horror didn’t even make a dent in their progressive agenda.

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