Bye Bye Barney and Hello Curt Schilling?

After 16 terms in office, Barney Frank is saying sayonara to his commodious congressional seat.  Faced with the political reality of an uphill battle to win reelection, Fast Hands Frank decided to call it quits.  The Democrat Congressman from the Bay State’s 4th district found himself mapped out of a job when his big home boy town of New Bedford was effectively bounced from the 2012 campaign.  The 4th district lost the ultra union Democrat stronghold of New Bedford and gained more moderate and less politically predictable suburban communities like Medfield, home address of ex-baseball pitcher, Curt Schilling.

Curt Schilling, born-again Christian, George W. Bush supporter, and John McCain campaigner, has flirted on and off with pitching his own cap into the political arena, even briefly brooding over a possible run for the vacated Kennedy senatorial seat.  So now that Bulbous Barney has decided to grab something else other than the political spotlight, there is a lot of speculation as to Schilling’s interest in the congressional race.

The redistricting plan set to take effect in 2012 would add Medfield, Mass. to Barney Frank’s district. That means retired Red Sox pitcher and sometimes Republican political pitchman Curt Schilling could run to replace Frank – if he and wife Shonda Schilling don’t sell their Medfield mansion.

In other words, redistricting may have been bad for Frank, and bad for Massachusetts liberals, but it could be good for maintaining the state’s level of political theater.  BBJ Bottom Line

Frank’s Republican opponent in 2010, Sean Bielot, who gave Frank a real run for his money, has stated that he is still undecided about a possible 2012 campaign.  So for now, the Republican field is wide open. 

But whatever the future may hold for the 4th district and the US Congress, let us smile smugly at the upcoming ignominious exit of Mister Barney Frank, housing bubble hustler and Fannie-Freddie fanatic.  Bye, bye Barney. Hopefully, the doors of America’s foreclosing homes will hit you hard on the way out.

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4 Responses to Bye Bye Barney and Hello Curt Schilling?

  1. Lori Heine says:

    Go Curt Schilling! As a diehard Diamondbacks fan since Day One, my proudest memory is the 2001 World Series. With Schilling and Randy Johnson taking turns on the mound, we blew those arrogant Yankees out of the ballpark.

    Would he make a good elected official? I have no idea. But he’d have to be a better choice than Barney Frank.

    • Schilling’s a big hero here in Philly as well. And I think it took guts for him to be open about his conservative values while he was still pitching. If he runs, it would definitely put the spotlight on that race. And good old Barney can now devote his full time to those extra-curricular activities he seems to gravitate toward.

  2. I am still hoping to see Sean Bielat make a comeback for that seat. He did very well in the liberal district considering that he is a very conservative man with a strong military pedigree. I am amused at the possibility of Schilling entering the race though. He is a rarety in that he has spoken out as a conservative at a young(ish) age while he was still in the spotlight.

    Either way, the country will be improved with Barney’s departure. I am quite curious to see what the coming months hold as far as why he may be leaving now. I know that prior to the last election, Barney was interviewed by some young college kids and in that interview he said that he was tired and maybe thinking about quitting so it’s not totally unexpected. I just think that there may be some skeletons in his closet. I suspect that he may have some insider trading issues like Pelosi(perhaps some bank-related trades) and he won’t survive them as well as she did. But that’s just a guess…

    • Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised either if it turns out that he’s had his hand in the till in some way. I think the 2010 election was a bit of a shock to him–he had to fight for the win. And now with the redistricting, a campaign would be even tougher and nastier. And as a role model for an openly gay representative….what a total sleazebag.

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