Black Friday Blues: The Then and Now of Economic Hardship

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  And I think the maxim makers are so right on that point.  And if one photo can seem to echo the values of an era gone by, then a video gone viral can speak volumes on the post-Aquarian age of the early 21st century.

Women Standing in a Bread Line with their Children (Circa 1916)

   Women Shopping for Small Appliances at Walmart (Black Friday 2011)

Ah, the American masses, struggling heroically in this enduring economic downturn.  But after watching such a sickening scene, we can only shake our humble heads and ask: What price one’s dignity?  What value one’s honor and sense of personal pride?  Well, apparently for some Americans, all such saintly scruples are currently on sale for the marked down worth of a waffle iron compliments of Walmart.

And it would seem that the women from those pre-feminist days of female oppression could have a few things to teach many of the liberated American ladies today concerning the concepts of sisterhood, solidarity, and simple self-respect.

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2 Responses to Black Friday Blues: The Then and Now of Economic Hardship

  1. Lori Heine says:

    We should be glad they’re not really as destitute or desperate as people were in early 20th Century downturns. People today are such barbarians, they’d be storming the offices of high financiers and dismembering them in the streets. They wouldn’t even have the patience to string them up.

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