Giving Thanks for the 1%

Let us raise our wine glasses on this Thanksgiving day to pay a brief homage to that much maligned and sorely slandered class of capitalist whose financial success creates the very foundation for all our lives.

Here’s to our American 1%!

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10 Responses to Giving Thanks for the 1%

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    I have a gay, woman friend who is immediately on the offensive if you happen to give your opinion on the Liberals (a misnomer for sure). Thankfully, I was sharing my Thanksgiving with a houseful of Mormons (my identical twin sister’s family) who ride the Conservative fence and have nothing good to say about Obama. I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve, so being around religious family and friends is perfectly fine for me and them. We watched football and played Bananagrams. After the kids ran the batteries down on all the smartphones, it was time to go home and charge the phones. It couldn’t have been better.

    Also, I’m in Colorado and I wish there were a place for the gay Conservatives to congregate. But being a gay Conservative is a lot like being gay in the old days; you really need to monitor your words when you’re around your gay friends.

    I’ll be checking in!

    • Sounds like you had a really nice Thanksgiving, Perry. Isn’t it interesting that it seems to be easier spending time with conservative family and friends, straight though they may be, than it is among progressive gays/lesbians? I have found more acceptance among straight conservatives than I have ever experienced on the ‘liberal’ lesbian/gay side of the tracks.

  2. Lori Heine says:

    Yes, I’m very enthusiastic about this idea. Welcome, Linda! This may be the start of a great group of people.

    If it’s possible, perhaps our esteemed blogger would let us connect off-line (so neither of our email addresses are made public), and we can begin to plan this out. Pretty soon, something is going to be appearing on Gay Patriot about it, as well, and I think that’s the way Dan plans on handling it. I’m aware of at least two or three regular readers of that blog who are somewhere not far away.

    I may make my appeal on a couple of other gay conservative blogs, as well. Stay tuned for further developments!

  3. Lori Heine says:

    Last Sunday, I had coffee with Dan Blatt, of the blog Gay Patriot. I told him I’d like to start a gay conservative/libertarian group in the Phoenix area. I KNOW there are others of like mind in my area — but we are (again) closeted. I’m not sure where you live, but do you, by chance, know of anybody in my area who might be interested in joining such a group?

    We could link with folks in other areas, and form some sort of a wider network. I think it would (to hijack one of the lefties’ favorite words) empower us all to get together. I’m sure we’re everywhere.

    • Linda says:

      I live in Prescott. Would love to meet other like minded gay conservatives. Count me in.

    • I think that’s a great idea, Lori. I’m on the East Coast in the Philadelphia PA area and I know there are more than a few conservative/libertarian lesbians and gay men in the PA/NJ/NY corridor. And I’m sure it’s the same in your neck of the woods. And it looks like Linda is your first new group member!

      I think connecting locally is really important–we need to carve out niches for ourselves within local lesbian/gay communities to provide support and that all important sense of belonging. Empower is the right word.

  4. Lori Heine says:

    Only a little while ago, I returned from another fun-filled holiday dinner with friends. And it WAS wonderful, until we passed the pumpkin pie. And one of my friends (all leftists, except for yours truly) launched into a lecture about how those evil rich conservatives want to deprive everyone else of their slices of pie.

    On Thanksgiving. At a feast celebrating gratitude and good will. I am not making this up.

    I am relieved that I was able to return home, check in with my gay and lesbian conservative friends online and decompress. Thanks so much for being here!

    • Liberals and lecturing seem to go together and there’s always one in the bunch who just can’t give it a rest, even for Thanksgiving. Glad you stopped by tonight, Lori, and I hope you got to enjoy your pumpkin pie despite the hectoring friend.

      I’ve been fortunate today in being surrounded by family members who are of like mind. Besides football, giving the boot to Obama was one of our main topics of conversation.

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