A Progressive Thanksgiving: Power to the Turkeys!

It just wouldn’t be a typical American holiday in this progressive day and age without the guilt-tripping, gut-wrenching liberal deconstruction of our traditional Thanksgiving celebration.  Or should we be calling it a decelebration?  And there is no better exposé of our inherently hateful white Western European nature than a little inside-out historical revision to portray the truly authentic experience of our poor oppressed bird-brained brothers and sisters that have run afoul of us horribly hungry humans.

American Turkeys Flip Us the Bird


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2 Responses to A Progressive Thanksgiving: Power to the Turkeys!

  1. Lori Heine says:

    Well, last night on PBS, I learned that wild turkeys are very intelligent. (My dad grew up on a farm, and that’s not what HE told me.) Now that the progressives are liberating turkeys, who knows how long it will even be legal to eat them?

    There are stirrings of liberation for goldfish in San Francisco, so our feathered friends may also hope…

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