Life in the Land of OccUtopia: Arson, Murder, and Rape, Oh My!

The Yellow Brick Road to socialism seems to be plagued by some very unseemly and serious scenarios of a violent and brutal nature.  But is anyone really surprised that the Occupy movement is totally adrift in an unsettling sea of pointless passion, floundering in the foam of their silly non sequiturs?  Sadly, if nothing else, this hacked-up hairball of Leftwing lunacy has perhaps taught some very tough life lessons to the proud and the privileged whose college capers have hit the concrete wall of genuine in-your-face reality. 

The latest chronicle of Occupy’s crimes and misdemeanors committed by those Che Guevara wannabes and all the assorted flecks of flotsam and jetsam that have glommed onto this creepy free-for-all, can be found at Verum Serum.  The crime and health hazard categories are as follows: Arsons, Assaults/Threats, Drugs and Dealing, Fraud, Illnesses and Death, Murder, Public Disturbances, Rapes and Sexual Assaults, Sedition, Suicides/Overdoses, Thefts, and Vandalism. This list is not a comprehensive compilation.  For instance, the numerous thefts that have occurred at Occupy Wall Street in NYC are not acknowledged here.  Neither is the assault on an elderly 78-year old lady who was pushed down a flight of stairs by Occupy DC thugs at the Washington Convention Center two weeks ago. These Lefty legions were attempting to disrupt the Americans for Prosperity conference that was taking place there, a conservative event. 

The Politics of Intimidation and Violence

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