Send a Patriotic Care Package to a Pro-Communist Professor

Michael Avery, Professor of Constitutional Law at Suffolk University in Boston had a royal radical conniption last week when he received an email from a fellow law school staff member asking for small donation items to be included in Holiday care packages for our deployed troops.  Professor Avery wasted no time in rapping out his incendiary response to this militaristic piece of pro-American promotional propaganda.  Following is the semi-distinguished Professor’s rant.

I think it is shameful that it is perceived as legitimate to solicit in an academic institution for support for men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings.  I understand that there is a residual sympathy for service members, perhaps engendered by support for troops in World War II, or perhaps from when there was a draft and people with few resources to resist were involuntarily sent to battle. That sympathy is not particularly rational in today’s world, however.  The Natural Truth

Professor Avery apparently also possesses a pathological aversion to the Stars and Stripes—he just can’t stand to see the flag of the United States of America flying over the sacred sanctum of Suffolk University.

We need to be more mindful of the message we are sending as a school.  Since Sept. 11 we have had perhaps the largest flag in New England hanging in our atrium.  This is not a politically neutral act. Excessive patriotic zeal is a hallmark of national security states….Why do we continue to have this oversized flag in our lobby?

Somewhat strange, don’t you think, that a man who makes his living from the very concepts engendered in the Red White and Blue would voice such disdain for the banner that so gallantly waved and would ooze so much sneering contempt for the ordinary men and women—the proletariat patriots—who offer up their lifeblood to the nation.  Interesting to note, that Professor Avery spent a year at the University of Moscow in the late 1960s.  I guess Comrade Avery is more amenable to militarism when it’s pushed by communist commissars.

But let us not hurl harsh words at Activist Avery, Lefty Loon though he may be.  Let us not jam his email box with well-intentioned but hate-filled quips nor ship the poor Prof pounds of stinky doggie doo through the ever-stressed USPS.  Instead, let us extend a helping hand to this sad revolutionary relic from the Magical Mystery Tour of those oh so long ago hippy dippy days.  Let us bring a ray of reality into the drab and dreary dregs of this progressive Prof’s existential angst.

We all know that Professor Avery is in desperate need of attaining a humble appreciation for all the outstanding opportunities and creature comforts his country has created for him.  So in true Leftwing fashion, let’s help to raise this college commie’s consciousness.

Send a Patriotic Care Package to poor Professor Avery.  It can be anything from a simple God Bless America E-card to a YouTube video tribute to the troops.  And for those who wish to be a bit more expressive, check out the USA Store for a vast variety of patriotic paraphernalia.  I spied a pair of All American boxer shorts that I thought would be just the thing to touch Professor Avery’s anti-American heart of hearts.  Whatcha think?

The Pro-Commie Curmudgeon can be reached at:

Professor Michael Avery
Suffolk University Law School
120 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108-4977

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