Pimping Out Boys at Penn State?

The sports rumor mill is now strongly hinting that Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State Defensive Coordinator who is now under indictment for numerous crimes of child molestation, was pimping out boys from his Second Mile foundation to satisfy the perverted tastes of rich Penn State donors.  Well, let’s hope and pray that this horrible accusation turns out to be unfounded, although supposedly there are reporters investigating this bizarre angle to the Penn State mess.

And there is also speculation that Sandusky was forced to retire back in 1999 from his career at Penn State in exchange for a cover-up of his child predator activities.  Radio host, Mark Madden from WXDX, was one of the first in the media to bring the nature of the perverted Penn State beast to the attention of the public.  Back in April of this year, he was making the following conjectures about the upcoming scandal:

In 1999, Penn State was rid of Sandusky. His rep was unblemished, which allowed him to continue running a charitable foundation that gave him access to underage males. To be a volunteer assistant with a high school football team, thus gaining access to underage males.

If Paterno and Penn State knew, but didn’t act, instead facilitating Sandusky’s untroubled retirement – are Paterno and Penn State responsible for untoward acts since committed by Sandusky?

Initially accused in 1998. Retires in 1999. Never coaches college football again. Sandusky was very successful at what he did. The architect of Linebacker U. Helped win national championships in 1982 and 1986. Recognized as college football’s top assistant in 1986 and 1999.

Never any stories about Sandusky being pursued for a high-profile job. Never any rumors about him coming out of retirement.  Times Online

Underage Males—what a nice euphemism.  I noticed a few other commentators and writers preferred using that term, an expression especially liked by the avid sports fans supporting the continued employment of Joe Paterno and his football crew.  Underage Males.  Sounds so generically sanitary when stripped of its human element.  Doesn’t carry the same emotional charge as Child or Boy, does it?  Oh how very criminally convenient.

Well, so far Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier have been given the boot, and all that remains is for Mike McQueary to follow in their footsteps.

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