Penn State and the Raping of a Child

We can only shake our heads in total disbelief that the likes of Jerry Sandusky, Penn State’s former football Defensive Coordinator, was able to rape and molest young boys for so many years despite accusations and eye-witness accounts of his crimes.  As far back as 1998, thirteen years ago, the local police department along with the university police investigated charges against Sandusky brought by the mother of one of his victims.  The investigating officers at the time had even eavesdropped on Sandusky when he confessed to the mother that he had indeed engaged in unlawful and immoral sexual conduct with her son.  The outcome of that 1998 investigation, despite Sandusky’s admission of guilt, was nothing more than a closed case and a conveniently misplaced investigational file.  Sandusky resigned from his Penn State post less than a year later.

But what is even more mind-boggling to me is that this child predator committed some of his crimes right there on Penn State’s campus in full view of university employees.  Here’s a question for you: If you happened upon an adult male sodomizing a 10-year old boy, how would you respond to such a sight?  Well, for Mike McQueary, the Graduate Assistant who walked in on Sandusky back in 2002 as he was raping a little boy in the locker room showers of Penn State University, his response was to simply do nothing, nothing at all–he didn’t shout, he didn’t yell, he didn’t try to stop the crime or help the child; he just turned around, walked out of the locker room, and drove home, leaving this kid to endure his fate.  But heck, Mr. Mike did tell his daddy and then the following day he did report the ‘incident’ to Joe Paterno and he did tell other university honchos what he had witnessed in the Penn State locker room, giving a full account to the Athletic Director, Tim Curley, and the VP of Finance, Gary Schultz.  Oh good for you, Mister Mike!  You let the power brokers at Penn State know they had a predatory felon loose on their campus.  But more importantly, you made sure you kept the criminal crap sequestered within the closed ranks of the campus hierarchy.  Yep,  you’re a real team player, Sport.  Mike McQueary is currently employed by Penn State as an Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator.  Go, Lions!

Today, Joe Paterno announced that this will be his last season as coach of Penn State’s football team.  And Messrs. Curly and Schultz have been indicted by the grand jury investigating Sandusky and the presumed college cover-up.  Of course, it goes without saying that many of JoePa’s fans are not happy about the fallout and the departure of their beloved coach at the close of the season.  But I for one am crying no tears for Joe Paterno.  And if justice is really on a roll here, then Mike McQueary and Penn State’s president, Graham Spanier, should be included in the Paterno exit parade.

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