Guy Fawkes: The Anarchist Archetype

On November 5, 1605, Guy Fawks, a Catholic mercenary, was arrested at Westminster Palace in London as he stood guard over a stockpile of explosives he had stored there.  Fawks, along with a handful of other would be assassins, planned to blow up the House of Lords, murder the ruling Protestant monarch, James I, kidnap the king’s 9-year old daughter, and then place the child on the throne to rule England as a Catholic queen.  Needless to say, Fawks met his demise at the end of a rope and the ill-conceived act of insurrection went the way of all self-serving, self-deceptive schemes of violence.  In 2011, the foiling of the Gun Powder plot is still celebrated in Great Britain as a joyous act of in-your-face contempt for those ideological idiots of the 17th century.

And how fitting, that it would be the figure of Guy Fawkes that would capture the stunted imaginations of our Western play boys and play girls who have nothing better to do with their ever-adolescent lives than model a romanticized version of a religious fanatic as pictured in the imaginary outer reaches of comic books and movies.  Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that the Occupy cretins would choose a devote Catholic as their symbol of insurgency—a Papist who believed in the absolute rule of kings guided by the rigid rites of the Roman Catholic Church.  Sort of doesn’t fit with the progressive pop culture meme calling for a mandatory Marxist mindset.

But gee, that Fawks facade is so so cool, man.  And since even the Chinese have turned to the corrupt capitalist model, it’s so much safer to rampage down the roads and streets shrouded in the schtick of a 17th century Catholic cavalier.  Ok, so it doesn’t make sense in a political context, but hell, which costume would you rather run amuck in?

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