Occupy Chicago Showered with McDonald’s Job Applications

Some traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the oldest futures and commodities exchange in the world, decided to give those Occupy Chicago college deadbeats a corporate helping hand.  And what better way to extend a communal courtesy to the economically disadvantaged than to steer the poor dears in the positive direction of a good paying job.

As Occupy Chicago protestors gathered for their weekly teach-in experience, they were showered by flyers floating down upon their heads from the Chicago Board of Trade skyscraper.  The flyers turned out to be job applications for open positions at the fast food giant, McDonald’s.  The solicitous traders, who a few weeks ago plastered We Are the 1% signs in their work-day windows, obviously felt they could offer a better topic for the Occupy teach-in than the Revolution 101 tripe that was on tap for the day.

And just what kind of jobs might the monarch of cheap meat have to offer the hoity-toity Windy City wastrels?  Well, the corporate headquarters for McDonald’s is situated right there in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, Illinois and the company is advertising quite a few good paying positions that are just waiting for some able applicants to apply.

Here’s a small sampling of the corporate job opportunities currently available at McDonald’s:

– Accounting Analyst
– Business Technical Analyst
– Legal Counsel
– Consumer and Business Insights Manager
– E-Commerce Design Director
– Database Architect
– Director, US Marketing
– Field Supply Chain Manager
– Financial Accountant
– Human Resources Administrator
– Manager, Strategic Change
– Manager, Transfer Pricing
– Manager, Management Communications
– Manager, Environmental Sustainability
– Process and Performance Analyst
– Senior Meeting Planner
– Service Manager, Global Network
– Sharepoint Project Manager
– Training Program Specialist

Now if the progressive procrastinators in the Occupy movement are really interested in growing up to be productive citizens and carving out a career for themselves, then maybe they better take a quick glimpse at the real world of work.  There is certainly money to be made and lucrative pay ladders to be climbed.  So come on, you liberal cry babies—what are you waiting for?

Welcome to McDonald’s

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2 Responses to Occupy Chicago Showered with McDonald’s Job Applications

  1. Mary Posey says:

    I am so tickled, my husband told me about this this morning, then I realized that he was quoting your post! You have another loyal reader!

    What a great story! As a mom, I have worked so hard to instill in my 2 boys a work ethic. The public school system totally failed them here in CA. I started a small business, a cookie company just so they could see how to start a business. I felt like I needed to send them out into the world with a valuable skill. It just sickens me to see these over indulged brats, a product of our education system, whining about entitlements that they are not even paying for!

    Out here in the bay area, the terrorists, yes I call them terrorists now that they are covering their faces, are increasing the violence. The people directly affected are the local small businesses. My heart goes out to them. It is a daily struggle to manage all that a small business owner has to deal with, then add violence to that, I am not sure what I would do!!!!!

    I truly hope that some of these people protesting actually take that application, get a “real” job and learn how to take care of them selves and not “expect” the government to do it.

    As always I thoroughly enjoy your posts 🙂

    • You say it so well, Mary. Indulged brats–yes. Work ethic and self-discipline and earning one’s keep–foreign concepts to so many young people today. I too feel sorry for the business owners out in Oakland. The Occupy punks only know how to destroy–they can’t even manage their own demonstrations.

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