Adult Baby Entitled to Social Security

Welcome to 21st century America where indulging in one’s kinky pseudo-sexual proclivities is now considered a legally protected disability to be subsidized by US taxpayers.  Wow!  Talk about hitting the infantile Peter Pan jackpot:  Go to Playpen, Do not pass into Adulthood, Collect Social Security.

This disgusting news story about the blubbering baby antics of the self-indulgent bloodsucker, Stanley Thornton, hit the public airwaves about the same time last week that the Governor of Connecticut declared Diaper Awareness Day.  Yep, there is now a campaign afoot to get the federal government to provide free diapers for the nappy-needy.  So in the spirit of true licentious liberalism, why not provide Stan the Un-Man with all the poop pants he can possibly soil?  He may be physically and mentally capable of earning a living in the real world of men, but have a heart—poor Baby Big Butt is burdened by so many symptoms of psychological syndromes that he simply can’t go potty like the big boys.  So keep the dosh and the diapers coming, America.  

So many entitlements, so little time (and money).

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2 Responses to Adult Baby Entitled to Social Security

  1. Lori Heine says:

    That’s it…Diaper Rights! Was there ever really any doubt that’s been the ultimate goal of Leftists for years?

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