Wisconsin’s Public Unions: R. I. P.

So what’s been happening to those pesky public unions in the Cheese Head state of Wisconsin?  Well, now that most of the rants, raves, threats, and thuggery have run their oh so predictable course, the Badger State Brats are trying their darndest to put a positive spin on the snip-snip procedure performed by the good governor, Scott Walker.  Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt!

Take note in the clip below how the ‘political science’ geek featured in this local newscast proffers the party line, making it seem that the loss of millions of dollars in dues will have no effect whatsoever on the power base of Wisconsin’s public unions.  Gee, Herr Professor, you can’t do much lobbying, or anything else for that matter, without a consistent source of cash.

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