Occupy Wall Street Survey: Protestors Share Their Views

The first opinion poll of those Occupy Wall Street rapscallions has been completed and the political views expressed by these 21st century Robespierres have been neatly tagged and documented.  Of course, it will come as no surprise to most of us folks who manage to live out our daily lives free of illegally brazen behavior that these professional camped out street urchins in NYC espouse a political perspective that the average American abhors.

The opinion survey was conducted at New York City’s privately-owned Zuccotti Park where the progressive brain trust has been illegally sleeping rough for the past four weeks.  The poll focused on 200 randomly selected protestors and the results clearly show that these darlings of the Democrat party are inhabiting a head space decidedly out there in liberal Left field.

  • 85% of the protestors are employed
  • 52% have been involved in a political movement before
  • 98% support civil disobedience to achieve their goals
  • 31% support violent actions to achieve their agenda
  • 65% said that government has a moral responsibility to guarantee all citizens access to affordable healthcare, a college education, and a secure retirement no matter what the cost.

The poll was sponsored by the political analyst, Douglas Schoen, who has provided campaign analysis support for several Democrat candidates, including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Ed Koch.  Mr. Schoen had this to say about the Democrat party’s Occupy Wall Street love fest:

President Obama and the Democrat leadership are making a critical error in embracing the Occupy Wall Street movement—and it may cost them the 2012 election.

The Occupy Wall Street movement reflects values that are dangerously out of touch with the broad mass of the American people—and particularly with swing voters who are largely independent and have been trending away from the president since the debate over healthcare reform.   Wall Street Journal

Considering that the overwhelming majority of Americans identify as either conservative or moderate in their political orientation, it seems that the desperate Democrats and their ACORN commander-in-chief are whipping a very pathetic pony indeed in this presidential horse race.  If Occupy Wall Street is their idea of motivating their base, then the Republicans are headed for one hell of a victorious sweep in November 2012.

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