LA Teachers’ Union Under Fire from Minorities

Well, well, another crack in the Democrat party’s cacophonous coalition of special interest groups.  It seems that the scholastic sinkhole that masquerades as the Los Angeles school system has finally sunk low enough for local community groups to stand up to the treacherous teachers’ union.  On Monday, several minority groups, in conjunction with the United Way, placed a full-page ad in the LA Times publicly declaring an in-your-face confrontation with the teachers’ union.

​Today, full-page ads appear in the L.A. Times, Daily News and La Opinion taken out by Don’t Hold Us Back — respected organizations calling out United Teachers Los Angeles and LAUSD for letting kids fail.  The new supergroup includes The United Way, The Urban League, Community Coalition, Alliance for a Better Community, Families in Schools, Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Communities for Teaching Excellence. The ad’s bland wording at first seems a bit “so what?” but it’s actually written in code to UTLA leaders, who have helped the local teachers union gain a reputation as one of the most anti-reform big-city education unions in the U.S…

…What’s fascinating about the crowd behind this ad is that it is heavy with key minority groups and most of the groups have serious, real track records in helping under-served people.  And: these groups are dominated by Democrats.  Ten years ago, most of these people would have been extremely reluctant to call out UTLA.  LA Weekly

A crack-crack here, and a crack-crack there, here a crack, there a crack, everywhere a crack-crack. 

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2 Responses to LA Teachers’ Union Under Fire from Minorities

  1. Bill Spear says:

    The groups sponsoring that full-page ad are all backed with money by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In essence, they’ve traded their souls for cash.

    • I’m no fan of Gate’s foundation–their money has funded Bill Ayer’s Marxist schemes and other dangerous nonsense. But if they want to throw their money into groups gunning for the LA teachers’ union, I say, let it be. Let these Lefty groups go after each other.

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