You Might Be a Fleabagger If….

You might be a Fleabagger….

– if you majored in Post-Feminist, Post-Colonial, Post-American LGBTQ studies at Sarah Lawrence College.

– if you have Koch envy.

– if you think you’re entitled to all the products that corporations make while despising the corporations that make them.

– if you think Bush was a war criminal but Stalin was cool.

– if you are a gentle progressive soul who loves rainbows, unicorns, and non-violence but just can’t resist spitting on a young woman in a Coast Guard uniform.

– if you think Castro’s Cuba is a model of political tolerance and social advancement.

– if you have the urge to defecate in a public street.

– if you showed up to protest driving your parents BMW.

– if you showed up to protest using the cell phone your parents pay for.

– if you are a pacifist who wants to end all the wars oversees while instigating an uprising here at home.

– if you thought a Masters in Minority and Women’s Studies was an economically viable degree.

– if you think Keith Olbermann is an intellectual.

– if you think your wallet is empty because someone else’s is full.

– if you attended an Ivy League college and ‘learned’ that only white Europeans conquered or colonized others.

– if you know more about Mao than you do about Math.

– if even the homeless think you stink.

– if you blame the banks for your student loans instead of the greedy bastards at the universities.

– if you plan on voting for Obama again still believing your life will be better.

– if you’re a white kid with dreadlocks and a $150,000 student loan.

– if you think only rich people can be greedy.

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4 Responses to You Might Be a Fleabagger If….

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  2. JewConLes says:

    You out-did yourself!!

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