Occupy Wall Street: Defecating from Both Ends

The Occupy Wall Street debacle seems to be bringing out the usual crop of Lefty life disruptors, those low achieving governmental give-me moochers who see themselves as the self-appointed mouthpieces for that nebulous crowd of American clodhoppers know as The People.  And as these professional layabouts take their lawless public squat at the taxpayers’ expense, the garbage and the trash and all the other leftovers of human laziness continue to pile up. 

And speaking of squat….the gentleman pictured in the photo below apparently decided that taking a crap in public while positioned up against a NYC police car was an appropriate expression of liberal solidarity.  Did this punk even wonder who would be stuck with picking up his poop?  Did he even care that the poop-scooper would end up being one of those poor put-upon People that our progressive hero believes he represents?

And never one to be outdone by any other aspiring Lefty leader of the liberal LaLa mentality, Keith Olbermann trolled on by to show the progressive faithful in NYC that he could shoot the sh*t with the best of them.  Gee Keith, I think you were a bit overdressed for your bout of diarrhea discourse.

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8 Responses to Occupy Wall Street: Defecating from Both Ends

  1. Modern Comments says:

    I guess I don’t understand how they can trash a park, poop on cop cars (among other things), demand things they didn’t earn (or that others take responsibility for *their own* mistakes) and then order us to vote for the candidates of their choice.

    Sorry, but when my kids have a temper tantrum, I don’t give them candy or take them to the playground. They get a time out. I think we give these protesters, and the Democrats who love them so, a time out from now until about 2112.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    Most of these people have everything. Even “poor” people smoke cigarettes and have one, two or three dogs. Those are luxuries. Right now, as I type this, I hired a jobless man to paint my outside woodwork around the windows and he smokes like a train. He has lost his driver’s license, I’m sure because he got a DWI/DUI, so he’s riding a bicycle. He’s not young, maybe 55. In my mind, I feel that this whole thing is “pleasure fatigue”. Too much of everything. Too much food, too much recreation (drugs, alcohol, sports) and way too much sex. People don’t have want for anything, and it’s making them angry, fat and/or slovenly.

    Take a look at these crowds. It’s embarrassing. The liberal mobs give yet another excuse for drugs, sex and boozing in a group setting. It’s Woodstock in every major city, Denver included. Police told them, “no tents”. Now there are about 30, with more to come.

    I can see no way to fix this mess since everyone is so used to having it all.

    • We’ll see how long they all last once the winter weather sets in. But I’m hoping these idiots drag out their illegal ‘occupation’. And let the stupid Dems line up to cheer them on. It all works to our (conservatives’) favor.

      And I agree, Perry. There is way too much of everything. Too many folks, despite all the propaganda to the contrary, don’t have to really struggle for anything. How do they support themselves if they’re sitting in a tent city day after day? Decadence and a sense of entitlement seem to go hand-in-hand.

  3. Glen A. Amos says:

    So, if you let your dog poop on the sidewalk in NYC and don’t pick it up, you get a citation. But, if you poop on the street Diane Sawyer and other millionaire leftist have no problem with that.

    • Apparently progressive poop doesn’t have the same negative impact on the sanitation or ambience of the Big Apple as ordinary poop. And after all, Glen, Mr. Progressive is pooping in public for The People!

  4. misskittyGOP says:

    They just have to poop on everything, from the constitution to capitalism, and themselves, for that matter, don’t they?

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