Herman Cain: No Political Hack He

The comment I hear most often concerning Herman Cain’s presidential campaign is the argument that Mr. Cain can not be considered a viable candidate for the highest office in the land because he has never held a political office.  Well, after handily winning the straw poll in Florida, maybe it’s time for everyone to take another long hard look at this self-made man from Memphis, Tennessee.  And as for that lack of a political hack track record, well, I’ll let Mr. Cain respond to that dismissive rationale in his own words.

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4 Responses to Herman Cain: No Political Hack He

  1. Ceetodo says:

    Go Herman.!!! Just had an interesting thought——Chris Christi jumps into the race and in the end we have a CHRISTI-CAIN ticket for 2012 or even 2016. I think this would make for a very interesting duo…Hey, I can still dream in the country, can’t I ???..LOL!

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